Granite Installed Today! UbaTuba fans (pics)

ccatSeptember 23, 2008

Today they installed my granite. Uba Tuba (Labrador Green). Island is 50" x 9' with an Ogee edge. Perimeter is half bullnose edge with no seams! I have 2 Blanco siligranit sinks. Large, single one on island and smaller one in corner on a 45. The sinks look AWESOME!! Can't wait for the faucets now!

It is a very simple, traditional look, but we are very happy with it. A lot of detail work should get finished by the end of next week. Rope and crown molding, trim molding on the bottom...lots to do still. It was amazing watching the installation! I held my breath watching them lift these chunks of stone!


Here is a link that might be useful: Granite Installation

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Beautiful!! I have maple cabinets with a mocha glaze, ubatuba and the siligranit super single in anthracite, too so, of course, I love your taste!!! But your kitchen is much nicer than mine! What will you be using for a backsplash?


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Love it! Very pretty. We're waiting for the install of our granite. It was a toss between Uba Tuba and Green Peacock. We went with the peacock in the end because we found a slab we really loved. It's simular to the uba tuba and I hope ours looks that good when it's installed! Great Choice!

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That had to be a huge piece of rock to do that install seamless. pretty cool

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Very pretty UT!

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You know, that is pretty amazing that they were able to do that without any seams! I don't have any seams in my kitchen either but my countertop runs and my island are smaller than yours. Don't you love the way it "reads" black from a distance but then you get up close and see all the green with the flecks of gold and silver and copper?! I had to come back and take a second look, it really is beautiful.

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rmlanza, I would love to see a pic of your kitchen! I'm certain it is GREAT! I know I would love it! LOL
This is what felt like "home" to us.

I have no idea what I am going to do for a backsplash! I will be pestering the experts around here for ideas! Anyone??? I love glass tiles, but there is so much to choose from and I am on decision overload right now.

lukkiirish, can't wait to see your granite! It will be gorgeous! I have seen the Green Peacock and it is very pretty!!

rollie, I am still in awe of my NO SEAMS countertops! The way it flows around that corner in one solid piece is mesmerizing to me. I totally agree...that was one honkin' piece of rock!!

cat_mom, I adore your kitchen! Sweet! Thanks for the compliment.


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rmlanza, thank you so much for your kind words. I have to admit I have felt that my choices have created a rather "ordinary" kitchen.

Seeing so many cute kitchens around here with so many clever designs combinations it has had me questioning my decisions.

In the end, it will be very nice for us for a very long time. Also need to remind myself that I am a long way from being finished. Many layers yet to go in the room.

We designed everything, floor plans...everything ourselves and so if it is's ours! LOL

I really got a lift from your nice post! Thanks so much!

tomorrow I am going to put together a set of pics of the actual loading and install of the granite. That was amazing to watch.

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Beautiful granite! May I ask about your range? Is it a 40"? Are you happy with it? If it is the 40", we are strongly considering it. Thanks.

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sdkitchen, Yes, it is the Frigidaire Professional 40" dual fuel range. I have not used it as of yet, so I cannot tell you in that regards...yet. Should have an answer to that next week.

But I have to say it feels well made. The oven door is tight and not flimsy. The warmer door does not have quite the same feel to it. I am very pleased with it overall. It looks GREAT!

I have a friend, out of state, who has a Frigidaire and loves hers. This one really sold itself to me between features, reviews and price. I was sold after a lot of research. It was between this and the Fratelli Onofri.
One of the final decisions for us was service repair afterwards. We live in a rural area and have less choices in that regard. So the Frigidaire won for us!

I ordered this without having gone to a store and seeing it, so I was a bit nervous. I don't think you will be disappointed.


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ccat, here are a couple of pics of my kitchen. We used a 1x1 copper slate mosaic for our backsplash. It seems a lot of ubatuba people use slate for backsplashes on this forum. We also have slate floors.

And a close up of our BS


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I LOVE your BS! Slate is a great look! What a cute kitchen! Do you have yours posted on the FCB? You should.
Excellent job on your kitchen. Was it a renovation or a new construction?

Your faucet kind of looks like mine also. The one I have going in on the insland is Delta Venetian Bronze.

I went back and liked the granite more today. It really has so many levels of depth to it. I think I am going to be very happy with UT!

Gorgeous kitchen. Where did you get your BS tiles?


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Love the Uba Tuba! Your cabinets look great with it. (both of you..) CCat, I love the color of you walls, what is it?
My granite will hopefully go in next week...can't wait!

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Thanks for your compliment ccat!

My sister had UT in her kitchen when she lived nearby and it looked and held up great (she misses it very much in her new home!). I'm always amazed at how very different it can look from slab to slab.

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Your kitchen is beautiful and so is your UT. I like all the reflective bits of this stone and it pairs well with your stained cabinetry. My eye was also drawn to your lovely hood. I like how you oriented the hood higher than the rest of your cabs.

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Thank you ccat and bethpen. Ours was a remodel even though our house wasn't even 6 years old when we did it. The layout was so closed in that even just 2 people (or 1 and a HUGE dog) were cramped in there. So we knocked out an angled peninsula and straightened it, opening up the space. We also had cheap builder's grade white thermofoil cabinets and dark green laminate counters and a crappy shallow stainless sink that I hated. What's funny is that I thought I hated white cabinets. Once I found this forum (but after all our decisions were made) I realized that I LOVE white cabinets, just not OUR white cabinets. Everything we did was very rushed because we had started the renovation because of water damage to our floor and wanted it completed during summer vacation. There are several things I would change if I had it to do over again. This is definitely not my dream kitchen as we were on a pretty tight budget. But because of this forum I do now know what my dream kitchen is and since this is not our forever home by any means (we HATE North Carolina), hopefully some day I'll be better prepared to design the kitchen I really want. I did learn about the siligranit sink here though and am so glad I found it.

The slate mosaic was purchased at Home Depot and I installed it myself. DH did all the plumbing (which is why I don't have a prep sink, sigh) and the electrical and I did the painting and backsplash. Everything else was done by a professional. Oh, and my faucet is the Moen Aberdeen and I LOVE it.

Thanks again for the compliments. It's not yet listed in the FKB, just haven't gotten around to it and really, nobody's asked me to post it there yet. Even though it's not my dream kitchen, I am happy with it for the time being and it will certainly increase the value of our home when we do try to sell (hopefully in a few years).


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I'm starting to remodel my kitchen and i'm in the process of looking for pendant lights to hang over my island. I really like the pendants you've choose to hang over your island. Can you give me the maker and model?

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Beautiful job! The Ubatuba is spectacular with the cabinets. I have two questions. I would like to know where you go your corbels and whether you used a steel plate under the overhang on the island in addition to the three corbels? Thanks for sharing your photos.


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Beautiful kitchen! Would you share information about the paint color and brand on your kitchen walls?

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ccat, I love your kitchen. Your cabinets are gorgeous. I would love to have new cabinets, but for now, we are just replacing our formica countertops with granite (yellow river) and our white applicances with SS. Our granite guy is promising no seems and I hope he can pull it off. It really looks awesome with no seams. We have a U shaped kitchen and he is going to run one piece on the penninsula to the cooktop and another piece on the other side from the double oven to the cooktop. We are having it installed in 2 weeks. I can't wait. Although, we are keeping the same maple cabinets, I think the whole look will change with the granite and SS appliances.

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I am installing granite in a kitchen with tons of natural light. White cabinets. I am tossing between Absolute Black or Uba Tuba. Please help!!!! Our floors are a tile that looks like travertine but not as nice........

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Heres a video of Uba Tuba

Here is a link that might be useful: Granite Countertops Price

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