Soffit flue (Duct cover) question

jerzeegirlSeptember 16, 2012

We are planning to install a stainless pro style hood above our induction cooktop. Instead of having a cabinet above I would like to install a 12" stainless soffit flue (also called a duct cover) above the hood with crown molding above that.

I wanted to use a Broan hood but notice that only a few Broans (the higher priced ones) have the soffit flue listed as an accessory.

My question is can ANY pro style hood take a soffit flue or does the soffit flue have to be paired with a specific hood?

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I guess maybe I should try the appliance forum with this question.

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I may be misunderstanding the question but, what you're looking for is a chimney hood, not an under cabinet hood.

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Hi live wire!

Here is a link to what I want. The range hood and the duct cover are two different pieces and are sold separately. I was wondering if I could buy a less expensive Broan pro hood (like this one - and install the aforementioned duct cover above it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Range hood and Duct cover

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Under cabiet hoods are attached to the cabinet above and are mainly supported by that cabinet. Chimney hoods have brackets that attach to the wall, so no, you can't use an undercabinet hood as a substitute for a chimney style hood.

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Thanks green designs. Now that you have said it, it seems so obvious!

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