Emerald Green Granite

ogrose_txSeptember 7, 2013

We went to the showroom today to look at samples of black granite, and among others, came home with a sample of Emerald Green, which to me looks mainly black. However, when checking images on the internet, it looks so much more green. I know the internet is not the place to be looking for true colors, but this did concern me.

Could any of you that have this granite countertop tell me your experience with it - thanks!

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From what I have seen over the years there is a whole range of the Emerald Pearl just like in the Blue Pearl . Which can range from Black to silver to more blue gray to the Royal Blue Pearl which is very blue and hard to find. From what I have seen also the greener Emerald Pearl is harder to find. Both versions are beautiful and should not need to be sealed. Very bulletproof like the Blue Pearl.

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Thanks, sarina, I am really liking this granite, we have the samples in the kitchen with different lighting. I'm thinking the sample must be the Emerald Pearl even though they tag it as Emerald Green. It's between this and Black Galaxy; we will go to the fabrication place next week to really check out what they have and how we like the larger slabs, then pick out "our" slab. We have medium oak cabinets going in, and the granite place really likes working with them, say they always have level cabinets in place, making it easy to work with. They mentioned they are one of the best cabinet makers in the area, and I'm finding that even though our small kitchen remodel is small potatoes, they have been great so far to work with.

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That is wonderful :)

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