ogee edge vs others?

ashikSeptember 19, 2012

Please share which edge and why you prefer it?

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Eased edge. Simple, clean, strong, not extra $$$.

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I like the demi edge. Not as severe as the eased, IMO but still simple and strong.

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I have eased on perimeter, and long ogee on island.

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Ogee is more expensive and more delicate. Not great for homes with kids or klutzes. Half bullnose or eased edge is my personal preference as they are more classic and easier to live with functionally.

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Ever so slightly eased. Clean. Simple. Straight. Classic. Uncluttered. More in keeping with modern times. Easy to wipe off crumbs into your hand or the garbage pullout. Cheaper. Doesn't scream 'Hey! Look at how I'm trying to fancy-up the joint." One less clown in the room. YMMV.

More than one person around here regrets going with a luxury edge from the cleanup and water runoff standpoint.

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Great thread - I will be making this decision soon. Please post photos, it's so helpful. thanks!

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Eased edge because it was less expensive

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We have eased everywhere except the island which has ogee. Love both. With that being said, I did see a demi edge in an office on their reception counter and the depth of color that the demi edge gave the stone was AMAZING! If I had it to do over, I probably would have opted for the demi edge in my kitchen and kids' baths where the more "exotic looking" granites are.

Hope this helps!

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Consider the type of surface and the style of the room--not just the edge. My island edge is a double ogee and I love it. No problems to date, seven years after installation. However, were I to have a more contemporary or transitional kitchen, I'd go with a simpler edge. Moreover, the kind of surface matters, too. If the stone, for instance, has a very heavy and irregular pattern, the ogee may not look right, especially if if there is an applied component to the edge. On my straightforward white marble, it is lovely.

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I have ogee it was a free upgrade so I said why not go for it? I love it, it looks so pretty. It's all the way around and on the island too. I had ogee on my last countertop too and did not find it fragile at all. It seems solid as a "rock" no pun intended.

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I LOVE the ogee edge. Love it so much we did the double ogee too (like kitchendetective above).

It's just personal taste. Do you tend to frou-frou or to clean lines? What will the rest of your kitchen look like? Me, I love frou-frou .. corbels, appliques, bring 'em on! How do your tastes run?

Here's our ogee from an angle on the island:

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taggie--that's a beautiful backsplash! Could you please post a close up & share what tile/color it is?

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Hi mydreamhome -- it is Saltillo glass mosaic in the 2x4 subway. Saltillo glass metallic tiles

I copied it straight from Thynes, whose beautiful kitchen I totally love. Here is Thynes' reveal thread, check it out: Thynes' Finished Kitchen

And here's a close up of the tile:

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I had an ogee edge in my previous kitchen and I just put in an eased edge in my new kitchen. Nothing wrong at all with the ogee edge but now that I have had both it is the eased edge I would choose of the two of them. I like the simplicity of it. It seems more modern and just a less fussy look.The ogee edge is alright to clean for sure but for some reason I really like the straight edge off the counter for ease of cleaning.

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It's definitely a matter of personal taste, and what goes with the style of your kitchen.
We did a combination:
1/8 eased edge along perimeter, with a 'small' ogee on both our island and a small bank of cabinets in a former kneewall between our kitchen and family room. We wanted the new cabinets in the kneewall to have a more "piece of furniture" look since it's a bit off on it's own, and put the same on the island to tie it all in.

I love both- the eased edge is very clean and puts the focus on our beautiful granite, while the eased edge is just ever so slightly different and adds a little interest to our island and new serving area/cabinetry in the old kneewall.

Not the greatest photos, but you can see them both together here (island is small ogee, perimeter w/dishwasher is 1/8 eased). Old kneewall that is now a serving area shows a bit in upper left here:

Here is a closeup of our 'small' ogee (called small as our fabricator offered a large ogee that was much more pronounced)

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Wanted to add- sorry about the giant photos in my response, and also to add that we work at our island constantly. It's our main worksurface and gets veggies chopped, salads preps, cookies made, everything on it.
We've had no issues with the ogee edge for cleaning and as a pp mentioned it's very sturdy and not fragile at all.

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We just installed an eased edge because it went with the rest of our design. We never considered ogee because of the design, but our granite fabricator offered that it is more likely to chip than most.

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I like the ogee edge because it looks softer, formal and more decorative. My cherry cabinets doors have a lot of detail so I thought ogee would look best. Most wanted $10 a linear foot, but the one I hired said no extra charge. If I had a more streamlined modern look I would go with a eased edge on top and bottom which would make the granite look thicker.

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1/8" radius roundover.

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I wanted the eased edge laminated with a miter cut, (we have 2 cm granite that has the edges laminated so they look thicker) but my granite fabricator talked me out of it, said he sees it chip too easily. Not sure how true that is but I didn't want to hear "Told you so" a couple years down the road.
We are going with a crescent edge. Should go in next week and I hope I like it. :)

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I have eased edge. It was one of the free ones and best fit my transitional kitchen. It's also very easy to swipe crumbs off the counter into my hand because of the straight drop.

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Debbi Branka

I have ogee on granite perimeter and on marble island. I love it!

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