Blanco Precis Cascade -- are bowls too shallow?

DeDe15September 22, 2013

I'm in the home stretch with my wretched 33" cabinet base that is making me crazy! Everything I've wanted in sinks require a larger base, so I've narrowed it down, omitting stainless steel as I just can't bring myself to love it. Also omitted the enamel/cast iron... mine is chipped like crazy and I'm hesitant to put another one in.

Was sure I'd love the Franke Orca in fireclay until I saw it in person and the right side is throwing me off for some reason; it looks narrower than I expected, although the fireclay is gorgeous! I could go the Oceania in fireclay, one big open bowl but would rather have an offset drain if possible.

One of my only other options is the Silgranit Precis Cascade, likely in the new Cinder color (carrera marble countertops going in.) For those that own it, the bowl depths are 7 7/8" on left side and 5 1/2" on the right. Since my current enamel/cast iron (double bowl) has a 9" bowl depth, the Precis bowl depths seem shallow. However, once undermounted, theoretically speaking, it should "feel" like a 9" bowl depth on the left side, correct?

For the Precis Cascade owners out there (SparklingWater!) and others -- do you feel that the bowl depths are OK or do you feel they're too shallow? I'm thinking of the Blanco Culina faucet to go with this setup.

Any opinions on this would be great! Thanks!

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I too might end up with the Precis Cascade. I have a 33" sink base in the plans and was hoping to have the Diamond 1 1/2 bowl, which is around 32" but it says that you need a 35" cabinet if undermounting the sink. Was this the same sink you were considering? I'm not sure if I should get a bigger sink base (which I would rather not do as it would effect layout), compromise with the precis cascade, or have the installers fit it in (it can be done I believe but is not recommended)...

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Hi DeDe15. We've been very satisfied with the Blanco Precis Cascade in terms of its size. I think it helps us to have the Blanco Culina high arc faucet: it has a strong magnet which holds the faucet head and it turns as a unit from 90 allowing pot access etc.

Here are some pictures which can show what i mean:

Ten inch tall pot with water on:

18" broiler pan (can't find our 23" cookie sheet as we haven't truly moved in yet due to floors):

I rest baking sheets and the broiler on the right ledge with water spray on to clean them. I used to have a 30" flat SS sink, but find this works equally well. The basket that sits on the right is a great drying wrack. The offset drain is right behind my faucet center as it turned out, which is great.

Hope this helps you all. My sink base is 33" and I did use the Sink Setter when they under-mounted the sink.

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Thank you! I really appreciate your taking the time to post pictures, it helps! I'm about to make large "cut outs" from craft paper tomorrow morning to visually give the hubby and I exact dimensions and what would change from our current setup. I was so sure the fireclay would win out, but now I'm thinking the Precis may be OK after all.

Lcskaisgir -- my very first choice was the Diamond super single, hands down my favorite. I've since run the gamut, because no one seems to make what I want -- they're all a compromise of one thing or another! I basically wanted Silgranit to make a version of the Diamond super single that would fit in a 33" base, but no such animal exists. And I really thought the Orca fireclay would do it, but once I saw it and put a 9x12 baking dish in there, it's fine on the left side, but the right side narrows and my eye keeps wanting to "open up" the right side where it narrows (hope that makes sense.) I'm also thinking that the spot where it narrows may take a lot of bumping when actually washing dishes in there, especially larger things.

I feel like this is musical chairs -- the sink that gets my attention last or at the "right" moment will be the winner! It'll be in soon and then I won't think about it anymore, but the sink/faucet combo is one of the bigger decisions!

Thanks again -- always open to more opinions!

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I have the same set up, cinder Precis Cascade and Culina faucet. The sink doesn't seem at all shallow, and the combination isn't splashy.
The cinder is a warmer color than I expected, it works with my granite but if I had to do it again I might choose the prettier metallic grey.
I especially like that I had those cabinets set off the wall, so I have a lot of space behind the sink and enough granite that my fabricator agreed I wouldn't need a seam at the sink.

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