water dispenser but not in the fridge..duplicate post in applianc

Karen.1288September 17, 2012

I've heard that there are many problems with fridges with water and ice through the door but I really want chilled water in my kitchen (without having to have a pitcher in the fridge) I'm puzzled that this is not a more common issue that more people would like an alternative to. I see that you can get a hot water dispenser at your sink and that is exactly what I would like but for chilled water as well. I see that some companies are starting to do these. Can someone tell me the pros and cons of these and some insight from anyone who may have one. The ice is not a problem, since I'll have a separate freezer that I can get ice in. I just need a chilled water solution.


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How about water in the fridge, not through the door. That is what my KA fridge has.

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My ref has water in the fridge too (I didn't want a door dispenser) but the in-fridge water dispenser seems slow to me. (We drink a lot of water, and I don't like that you have to hold the ref door open while a glass fills.)

We have a water cooler in a cabinet pantry. When the cabinets were installed we had an outlet installed at the back of the cabinet. The cooler holds 5 gallon water jugs that we get delivered. I love that the water is really cold and comes out fast enough to fill several glasses quickly. I realize that a large cooler and delivered bottles aren't for everyone, but it works for us and might for you.

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You might consider an under counter water chiller -- works like the hot water dispenser,just cold water. I believe you would need a power supply and also dedicated plumbing to a faucet, and, of course, space under your counter. We are looking at the Clover C12E.

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Great ideas - I was thinking of putting a cooler in my pantry - but the UC sounds interesting also. I will have to look into the Clover

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We have an instant hot and chilled water faucet at our sink. I love having both available. There is an under counter tank along w/ the instant hot and a wasteking faucet that has both its hot and cold lever. The water flow is great and having the chilled water is very convenient. That said, the chiller can be a little bit on the loud side when it is running.

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What you describe is exactly what my husband wanted in this kitchen remodel. In our previous kitchen, we had chilled water in the fridge door and it was too slow. This time around he really wanted a water chiller at the sink. When it came time to research and purchase an under cabinet chiller, I was totally turned off by the horrid reviews they received from the plumbing suppliers that I talked with. The problem is they are prone to bursting. Every single plumbing supplier I talked to didn't recommend them. One company said they'd only sell them if the customer insisted on having one. Even then they only sold one brand which they described as the best of a bad lot. I have Waterstone faucets and Waterstone says on their site connecting a water chiller to any of their faucets will void the warranty. Yikes! We redid our last kitchen because of a flood. Wasn't interesting in flooding our new kitchen so we decided to pass on the chiller.

I have instant hot and non-chilled filtered water at the sink but my poor dh is still using a water pitcher that we keep in the fridge. Dangit. :( Love the idea of the chiller in the pantry. I wish we had room for that.

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During our reno, I also wanted chilled water available from a source other than the britta in the fridge. I couldn't find many positive reviews on under counter chillers, and my plumber at the time shook his head at me when I mentioned the idea. I knew standing at the fridge with the door open waiting for my glass to fill and then having to cleanup any spills or runs would drive me bonkers. I compromised with an inline filter on the cold water line at my cleanup sink. It was only about $50; the water tastes great; and no extra faucet is required. I use ice from my freezer's ice maker when I want the water extra chilly.

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We bought the Samsung french door fridge with an internal water dispenser and I love it. I was tired of the water building up in that little tray on the front of the door. I had to get used to getting cubes out of the bottom freezer part but it did not take long.

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We have a free standing water dispenser providing hot, cold and room temp water. There isn't room for it in the kitchen of Mule House so it will either go in the dining room or the pantry/utility room. I really don't want to be drinking tap water so my new refer will not have a water line. A 5 gallon water bottle is too heavy for me or DH to lift so we use the 3.5, smaller jugs.

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I have a water chiller as you described. It's Aqua Chill by ELKAY. I have a dispenser looks like the hot water dispenser that people have. I have chilled water on one side and non chilled on the other (I get hot water through my built in coffee maker). We love it and haven't had any problems. My inlaws have had the exact same chiller for 15 years with no problems. I'm not sure why people think there would be more problems with this system.

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