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heidi_tapleySeptember 30, 2012

We had Typhoon Bordeaux granite installed on Friday evening. The installer was running behind and didn't finish until 9 p.m. Unfortunately, shortly after he and his crew left my dh and I noticed an area of concern. My husband called the owner, who was on the job, and he and crew looked at it. The owner did state that he would stop rubbing it because he couldn't rub it away. They didn't deny nor admit it was a problem, but did say the fabricator would contact us this week. The installer did mention that exotic stones can be delicate and that is why they ship them with the mesh on the back.

This crack is to right of the sink on the peninsula. The crack/fissure goes from the pencil point to the pen point. It is very noticeable when running your nail or business card over and doesn't appear to be following any veins.

From [Granite](

Unfortunately, Saturday morning, while admiring the beautiful movement in the stone, I noticed other issues. There appears to be a crack on the front apron of the sink that wraps around all three sides. And due to the sink. Also, on the other side of the sink in the peninsula area, there is another area of crack which I had a hard time capturing in a photo. When walking in the door, the smoothness of the granite is distorted due to the crack picture. In the middle of the picture you can see an upside down Y. The single branch of the Y starts on the edge goes to the top and runs for over 15 inches before branching off. It can be felt by running a business card over it with your nail.

From [Granite](

While installing the faucet, my dh realized the granite composite sink wasn't undermounted properly, and I have a sticky drawer in the same area. Needless to say, we have stopped payment on the check but have already received 50% down. I don't like to be a nitpick but feel as if this is a lot of money for something that is far from perfect, and after shopping around until I found the perfect slab of Typhoon Bordeaux, I feel as if my perfect dream could possible turn into a nightmare. What would you consider a reasonable resolution?

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My mother has typhoon bordeaux and she has fissures and crazing and lines etc all in her stone. I think it's just a characteristic of the stone. We didn't notice it either until it was installed. It was outside when we picked it out and I too was a little shocked to find what I thought were cracks in it but they aren't if they don't go all the way through to the back. Another stone is like that too, it's called Marron Cohiba. It has those fissures in it as well.

I know you can't see it in these photos but it looks just like your's and has all sorts of cracks and lines in it. Some of those black spots are quite craggy. It will be interesting to hear what your fabricator says. I don't think it is a fabrication problem though it is in the stone. Whether they should have pointed it out upon selection or when it was being laid out for cutting is where I think it should have been shown to us. But under bright lights it doesn't seem as bad. I am wondering if it is just the way this stone is. It doesn't actually take away from it just that it was a bit surprising. My mom is in a state far away from me and my granite is called ivory silk, it has "issues" with pits, it looks like it is distressed. I can't get past it as some on here know, : / I've been fretting about it for months. They tell me "that's just the way it is" that light stones are like this. I've NEVER seen another one like it. Ok, sorry don't get me started again on that, didn't mean to steal your thread. I hope you find something out as I would be interested to know myself for my mother. I still love her granite and do hope it's just part of it's character. Your granite is gorgeous. We are still looking for the perfect back splash for her. Good luck!

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Ss sorry about what you are going through. This granite has been used by many on GW and this is the first time I read that this was an issue with this granite.
Hopefully the members with TB will come forward with ideas and solutions.
Good Luck.

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