Finally look at granite slabs this weekend

mary_md7September 25, 2013

Between family needs and business travel, we've been delayed on going to look at slabs.

The supplier our KD is sending us to uses groups A to F (where some use level 1 to 5 or whatever), plus a "value" group of stuff they have a lot of.

Appararently, ubatuba is currently in the value group as is santa celiclia light, and they are quite in expensive. But we started out wanting giallo veneziano (group c) after seeing it in a friend's home, but then I saw santa cecilia classic (group b). Now we have these "value" choices.

I guess there will likely be some "Do we like this one $1000 more than than one?"

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Hi Mary, we went last Saturday to a supplier to pick out our slab, what a neat experience, so many absolutely beautiful stones! We pretty much knew what we wanted, and only looked at a few rows as I felt like I would eventually end up confused and have a hard time picking.

We ended up with Black Galaxy, and I can hardly wait to see it installed.

Good luck!

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Yes, there will be, and those decisions are not easy. You need to go in with the idea of an acceptable range. One thing I did that helped was not even considering anything too far over the budget (like $10000 vs $5000). I'd check the code before I looked at a slab long enough to fall in love with it. I envy you, though. I thought looking at rock was the most fun part of the remodel. Good luck and enjoy!

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Another thing is to go to a few yards. Often what one stoneyard classifies as "rare" or "high-end", another stoneyard has tons of that granite and consequently prices it lower. And to be frank, sometimes the yard "our KD sends us to" does not have the best prices, or the widest selection either.

I remember going with a friend to shop for her granite, and one stoneyard had the granite she was looking for, but the slabs were a little disappointing. We went to another stoneyard, and they had the same granite, but the slabs available were much prettier. So, do not limit yourself to one stoneyard!

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I am a fabricator.

"Value" granites are less expensive because they quarry more efficiently. A typical granite quarry has a yield below 50%. Stones with a lot of movement and veining are even lower yield which is part of the reason why they are more expensive.

Value colors, in general, are just as hard, just as stain resistant, and just as pretty as more expensive colors.

So ... pick what you like. If it's inexpensive stone so much the better for you.

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Yes, go to as many yards as necessary until you find a stone you can't live without. Don't hurry the process and don't forget to take a cabinet door and floor sample with you.

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