Sink size help requested

ashikSeptember 28, 2012

We are coming from a single overmount old but excellent castiron (I think!) that is 211/4 X 15 X 8. I am considering the Kraus KHU single zero radius either 30 0r 32" and can't decide. I would think it is always better with the bigger sink but I am also concerned with giving up that extra space ontop of the counter. The depths are the same - 10".

Please give me your advice.

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If you are short on counter space I'd probably go with the 30". Of course, 2" isn't that much either. Are you short on counter space?

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Is 30" a common size sink - it is, of course, 30" with an inner size of 28".

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Is that an undermount sink you are considering? I have ruled out anything deeper that 9" and I would really like 8" because when you add on the depth of the countertop, it is really deep.
Maybe it is because I am tall. 5'8" and all leg, I wear a 32" inseam jeans. I was all set to order a 10" deep sink from Ticor, and then I saw one on display w/granite at home depot and cringed.
Please go to HD or Lowes and look at their sink displays with a tape measure to ensure you like a sink that deep.

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I have a 30 inch Krause 10 inch deep under mount. It's in a 33 inch cabinet. Yes, it's very deep. It's fabulous! I can store on half and wash on half, I can use the sink as a drying rack, there isn't anything that I can't wash in that sink.

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I have the 30 inch x 10"deep Kraus and love it. I thought the rear center drain would be a problem, but it is not because, in part, the sink comes with a grid so nothing obstructs the drain.

I also thought 10 inches deep would give me backaches but it does
not. I hand wash very little altho I do rinse almost everything. No prep sink so I do everything at this wonderful sink. And we are older empty nesters so there's not a lot of constant use. Also, I am short, which, at least in theory, is a good thing. But I am retired so am home a lot (dh works).

I love my sink. I wanted an uber modern look but I carped out and got the softened corners, forgot what they're called. I have plenty of room in my sink. It depends on your needs and the size of your room and your counter space.

I also have a 9 inch tall garbage container living in the corner of the sink, for convenience. Sorry, no pics.

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westsider - please share more on that garbage container - what an interesting concept!

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I have the Kraus KHU100-32 which I find to be just right. It's not zero radius, there is a bit of radius to the corner, just enough that gunk doesn't get stuck there. This sink is big enough to set the extra large turkey into to do the initial rinse without getting water all over everywhere. It's large enough to set the KA mixing bowl down and still have room left for all the other pans and utensils used for baking projects until you're ready to wash them. It's large enough to set more than one frying pan and the pot from the vegetables in the bottom as they come off the stove, and yet not so large as to make me think I went too big. This sink makes me realize what I was missing out on all those years!

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