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springrozSeptember 17, 2012

My KA FP died a couple of years ago, and was never replaced. The stem broke off of the plastic housing. Now I am shopping cuisinart, and the $800 20 cup has an 800w motor and plastic housing, while the $320 16 cup has a die cast metal housing and 1000w motor.

Does anyone have opinions on either of these machines? For almost $500, I can live with a bit less capacity, but is there a difference in the actual output of the motors? If there is a difference in reliability or signifigant power difference, I don't mind paying the difference, but of course, would rather not........



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One problem with the 14 cup Cuisinart is that you have to be able to fit an item completely into the feed tube with the guide attached in order for the FP to slice it. That means you have to pre-cut everything, which is irritating.

Is there a reason you are looking for such relatively large capacities? Cooks Illustrated still recommends the 12 cup KA KFP750. It's the one I own, and it's flawless.

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Hi Nancy,

Have you ever wandered over to the Chowhound forums? I find them really useful when I'm debating between certain kitchen appliances (or pie plates, or knives, or cookie sheets - nothing is beneath their notice). Many posters are pretty opinionated, but I always learn a lot.

Sigh. Between gardenweb and chowhound, I don't know how I get any work done :)

- Lindsey

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Wow, 20 cup?! Sounds amazing, and something like we could use around here. But the largest we've ever had is 11-cup, and truthfully, it does most of what I need pretty well. Maybe I just don't know what I'm missing. ;-) But for $800, I'm not going to find out...

Like EAM44 said, Cooks Illus/America's Test Kitchen always like the KA. My first one was a KA, and it lasted for years. I went with a Cuisinart this time, because it was about $100 cheaper, thanks to Costco. I can deal with it, but can't recommend it. It has so many little safety catches and locks, and little plastic parts that break. EAM44 is right about the feed tube, too... and your larger models seem to have the same size feeding tube as mine does.

Lindsey...LOL. I sure get what you're saying. I haven't even discovered ChowHound as an addiction, although I've researched things there a few times... I have kept busy enough here and on the appliance forum over the last several years.

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A couple of thoughts --

(1) I have a Cuisinart DLC-7 that is probably 30 years old. Much used and still going strong. Really heavy duty. They are still selling these units on eBay and you can get new blades and bowls from Cuisinart for the DLC-7. I've replaced the bowls a few times. I would prefer an old one like mine to a new one. If you read Chowhound you'll probably come across discussions of the old versus the new.

(2) A stick blender is a very handy thing to have and is useful for soups and things in pots-- you don't have to pour everything into the Cuisinart.

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