silestone lagoon vs ? Please help

bonnie.mclean3_user_4dcd6September 27, 2012

I LOVE cambria marble but not the worries. Decided to go with honed absolute black granite but just got a sample of lagoon. I do not care for lyra. Also, not sure if I would be happy with "the look" vs the real thing.

Searched and searched for something larger to see. No way can I order my kitchen off a 4x4 sample. Spoke with the distributor in chicago and they have some slabs I can see in person. I chose a 2x2 square tumbled marble backsplash with I love. Grays, whites with some earthy tones. Floors will be coffee colored hardwood with white cabinets, stainless range, sink and hood. Any ideas would be much appreciated by my family and friends which I am driving up a tree.

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Hi there - images of the items you've already decided on, and the space would help, but you're already doing the best possible thing - driving up to see a slab. Lots of people choose their own slab of solid surface and all seem to think it's worth the effort.

Silestone lagoon is very pretty,

but if I were choosing that or any other faux marble surface I would stay as far away from actual marble (even in the bs) as I could get. It ruins the illusion a little for me. I have a dear friend who used porcelain faux marble tile on the walls and tub surround of her bathroom, and real marble tile on the floor. I begged her not to. The faux was beautiful until it abutted the real thing. Now you walk into the space and see the faux.

But many many others make the same choice you are making and like it, as in the image below (an ad for the Countertop Connection - link below).

I think solid surface alternatives for absolute black are fantastic, like the Tebas black below, and look amazing next to marble.

If you know you want the bs tile, take it with you when you go to see the slab. Bring samples of the floor and cabinet color too. You may love them all together, but even if you don't, samples of the other items you want will help the fabricators to help you find a slab you do love.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ad

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Thanks! I need to see how to down or upload a photo.
This was very helpful!

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