Finalizing cabinet dimensions

aloha2009September 27, 2013

Let me preface this would be a big thank you for taking the time to even open up this thread to help. If you just move on I can understand.

Having general contractors come out forced me to stop flip flopping on where to put the cooktop and sink...I finally came to the conclusion that having the cooktop on the outside wall was indeed the best way.

Now I'm struggling with the dimensions of the outside wall, which will ultimately dictate the island size. We're looking at dimensions of 13.5, 14, and 14.5 feet. All have their advantages and disadvantages. I can not seem to come to a decision myself and need some ideas of things I have not thought of.

I believe that the cooktop (30") needs to be centered on the outside wall. I'm placing the sink off center on the island so it's not that I'm a total symmetry nut but in this case it seems the most aesthetically and functionally pleasing route.

A 14' run seems to be the best BUT, trying to work with IKEA they don't make a 33" cabinet. Without having to modify 4 cabinets (which I can only imagine that amount of work), we wouldn't have that option. I called around and many cabinet lines have 33" cabinets BUT they aren't frameless. The one quote I got from a KD for frameless and 33" cabinets was $14,000 compared to IKEA's $2500.

For that price difference, I can make IKEA work.

I could go down to 13.5' and make the island and windows slightly smaller and use 36", 30", 30", 30", 36". The advantage to this, it allows even a much wider path (but there currently isn't a problem now) and the ability to never have a seam in the island of 120". We're going Corian though and though I haven't verified it with solid info, I was told by a salesperson Corian goes 144" w/o a seam, while Silestone is 120".

Having the full 14.5' width, keeps the 2 new windows to be installed at 48". We would have a run of 36", 36", 30", 36", 36". It allows for a full 6' on either side of the cooktop, with windows to look out of. The island would have 5' of prep next to the sink. The downside though is if we were to ever go to a engineered quartz or whatever there in the future. I do NOT want a seam (that I can see) on my island. Here I am looking down the line 20 years from now for replacing things BUT.

Is there some other factors I haven't already looked at? If you would end up using IKEA how wide would you go and what cabinet configuration? I've read how the wider drawers the better but I'm willing to entertain different sizes besides the 30" & 36" cabinet sizes.

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what's that old saying about a picture being worth words or something? :)

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This is the last pic I scanned in. It's fairly representative to what we are looking at except there is no slider on the right (just more windows).

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Aloha- Hi! It's looking nice and how exciting to be getting down to measurements :)

My only question...have you 'walked around' in any kitchens, with a similar layout? Home shows, big box stores, etc? Is the dishwasher opposite the cooktop? Do you plan to have stools on the living room side of the island?

I know you like the windows (I love that look, too) but my biggest concern is loss of storage. I just don't know if I can give up the upper cabinet storage. Maybe make a few meals (in your head) and walk through the process. Double check fridge and oven, etc.

If you've done all this (and maybe even told's been a crazy year!) then Congrats and have fun with your process :)

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Hi Lavendar,

I've been reading your recent posts. I'm confused as to if you have decided on doing a mini remodel or skipping it until your DH is feeling yet better. You're an inspiration.

We were able to find a model home that was VERY similiar in the layout. We didn't notice it at first because of the cabinet choices but when we stepped back, we realized how very close it was. We were able to spend quite a bit of time in there (others may have thought we had a screw loose - and we probably do) which was reassuring we were on the right track.

We were going to put the DW on the end (with a 3" wall) though I'm still hoping to avoid that. It would be out of the main cooking area as we could get it. The sink and the cooktop will be at an angle from each other. I want the sink to one side to avoid to much symmetry and to create a large (5'ish) of prep to the right of the sink.

This is an older IKEA pics before someone here showed me how to make an island with a smashed microwave. So yes to your question regarding stools on the living room side of the island.

We measured out everything that is currently in our kitchen and we do indeed have enough space. Not only that we will have a 5' wide pantry in the laundry room (through the door next to the frig). The model we found like our kitchen actually had the exact setup for a pantry. Personally, I don't think we'll hardly use the pantry, but it's nice to know it's there if we can use that extra space.

I'm not sure what you meant by check the frig and oven. There will be 4' from the oven & frig to the island which will be the resting spot. I'd prefer the microwave was more in the central area since we use it a few times per day, but I've resolved there isn't much choice, other then an expensive microwave drawer...perhaps we should look at that as an option though considering our usage of it.

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Oh, for the fridge and oven, I meant using the island for landing space. I'm glad you had a chance to see a similar kitchen. It's so nice to get a feel for how things will work, rather than just a picture of the space.

I think I'm confusing everyone (LOL). I'm going to paint and put new flooring down in our current kitchen. I will probably start either this weekend or next. Still trying to finish the garden, before it gets too cold to plant.

The remodel plan is for our farmhouse, which is right next to us. It's all the same farm. If we get the farmhouse remodeled, then my mom might move into our current house. It's got a lot of handicap accessibility added now...which would be great as she gets older. For now, she has a really cute smaller home, about two miles away. (My mom is great and she and my husband get along really well! She loves to make bread, cook BBQ ribs and she has tons of tools! LOL)

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What color and flooring did you pick? Sounds like it will be finished quickly and can enjoy it for the holidays coming here soon.

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A light leafy-green paint and a light tile floor. It should look nice, but there weren't many choices at the big box stores. Mostly a slate look (very dark) so this one is more like a faux-marble. I always wanted a little marble in the kitchen :)

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It sounds like you have measured all of your stuff...have you gone through and assigned everything them a drawer. That might help you decide if you need to tweak your sizes. If you have more than enough room then I would stick If it were me I would stick in the 120" range for your island just encase I changed my mind down the road I wouldn't be kicking myself that I limited my counter top options. Not sure I "got" where your dishwasher is going but speaking from experience it is a pain if it is far away from the sink. Drip driping rinsed off dishes all over the floor to get to the dishwasher.

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