Kitchen granite selection

honeybasilSeptember 26, 2012

We are putting granite counters in our kitchen, and I wouldnt have a problem deciding on a granite, but we have tile floors that are making my choice tough. I would normally pick something lighter with golds and browns, but those are making my tile appear pinkish. So we have decided that something darker will be better suited since we can't change the floors any time in the near future. I've been looking at Uba Tuba and Verde Peacock because I don't want a plain solid black. Any others in the same price range I should consider? Are those two neutral enough - I don't want counters that look green. My cabinets are just off white and appliances are stainless. We get good natural light.

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Also would like to upload a picture, but the choose file option for uploading an image won't let me select it.

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Uba Tuba had been a long time favorite all though not quite in fashion right now.
I think you are on the right track with the dark greens. They do "read" almost like a black yet are not.
What about your backsplash? Please think ahead to this step because sometimes if you don't it becomes a headache to match it with the counter especially since you also have the floor to consider.

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Honestly, I hadn't even thought about backsplash. I was just going to do the 4-inch strip of granite since we don't have backsplash now. That makes it even tougher to choose!

I don't want to pick an outdated granite! This is so hard!

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Sorry, but the 4-inch strip is also not a current look either, although there are still people who do it. Again, it is all a matter of what you like.
Have you looked at GW"s Finish Kitchen Blog? Or how about Houz?
Learn how to post a picture of your kitchen. You will get more responses.
Making choices around other elements can be difficult. I think if we had a better idea of the floor, we could help even more.
You'll get there.

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Here is a picture with the tile floor, cabinets, and current counters. In person, the floor doesn't look quite as busy.

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I love Verde Peacok. I have it in my kitchen, but if you dont want any green, how about a granite like Antiques Brown. It a has dark brown hues with some white and grey crystals in it. It is a fairly uniform granite. It looks great with white cabinets and I think itwould look good with your tiles too. Here are a couple pictures of it that I found on the web.

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Your cabinets looks really nice, but I can't say the same for the floor. Can you rethink your renovation and change the floor first? Do you have an open floor plan and can't just change the kitchen floor?
IMHO I can't see matching a granite to that floor. But, if you must keep the floor, I think you should look into options other than granite. There are some really nice laminates that come in gray tones. What colors are in the tile. I do see a pink undertone with gray?
Can you post a picture further back so we can get a feel for the way the tiles look in the kitchen?

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Thanks for the input. I am going to take a better picture in the natural light later with my nice camera so you can get a better feel. It is not an option to change the floor right now as it is an open plan and would be too big of an expense. I wouldn't have picked the tile, but it actually doesn't bother me as much as I thought it would when we bought the house a few months ago. I have four kids, and it really hides the mess! We were not planning on doing any updating for a while since we just bought the house and needed to save money, but we have a great opportunity on the granite that we can't pass up right now. So I want to pick something that looks good now but that I will also like if we ever do change the flooring. I will look at that brown granite and post pictures as soon as I get better lighting later today.

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That last photo of the verde looks like Maron Cohiba! Another gorgeous stone but a bit quirky with fissures and such. It's so pretty though but very dark. The verde would be pretty but there are tons of choices, I love going to the granite yards it's like going to an art museum.

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If the tiles can have a pink cast to them, personally I would avoid anything with green undertones. In my experience, green (being the opposite of red) only highlights any pink hues in nearby materials. I had this problem with my unremodeled peachy pink countertops.

The pictures of the granite SaraKat mentioned, marron cohiba, is gorgeous! I think that would work very well. Has a similar splotchy (rather than linear) design.

I personally prefer cool rather than warm toned granite. So I think a black granite would look really lovely. However, it sounds as though you would prefer something with a little more warmth. Can you look at granite yards for something with a mixture of dark brown and black? Here are a few I found browsing on

Bahia Brown

Imperial Coffee

Platinum Bahia

Tan Brown

Tropical Brown

Ubatuba Gold

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Here is another image of the kitchen which gives maybe a better sense of the tile floor. I think someday we would like to redo the floors, but that is just not in the plan for the next few years. We just bought this house for the space to accommodate our family knowing that we wouldn't have a big budget to do major renovations. We weren't even planning the granite right now, but the opportunity is here, so I want to take advantage of it. I like the suggestions of browns. I am also going to the granite yard tomorrow with a sample of my tile so see if the bigger slabs give me a better idea than the little samples we had at our house.

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Also, there is quite a bit more counter space than is shown here. The light was just better at this angle and reflected a more true tile color, so that's why not much counter is showing.

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Sorry, the picture is showing up the right way on my computer but sideways here!

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Your counter seems in good shape. Why not wait until you can do the floors and then get a granite that you really love? I am not sure why brown is being suggested here. I see grays and pink in this tile. Just my opinion.
Good idea to being the tile. Maybe the granite yard can come up with ideas for you.

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I went to the granite yard and definitely the black granite looked best with my tile. There were some expensive granites that looked pretty, but that's not in the plan right now. I wasn't interested in black pearl before, but I found a slab that had lots of gold flecks which kind of broke up the black. The graniaid guy said this particular slab would show less dust, water, fingerprints, etc. since it isn't quite as solid black as some black pearl. We will go out one more time to look, but they are holding those slabs that we like for us. Thanks for the input.

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