My new $300.00 kitchen renovation is complete!!

amhers104September 3, 2012

Some remember seeing my post a few weeks ago, "Cabinet collapse leads to new kitchen!" Well the new kitchen is complete!! Very happy with how it came out and thankful for all the things I learned since starting to use gardenweb-- wish I had found it sooner though! The only thing thing left to do is add all the toe kick panels after our hardwood floors are redone which will be the last week in September. The entire kitchen, including having the hardwoods redone, only cost me $300.00! Insurance covered everything else! I did buy all new stainless steel appliances to replace the dated bisque ones. Thank you everyone on GW for responding to all questions I posted for the past 2 weeks. Sorry for all the pics I'm going to post- just can't figure out how to use the photo bucket albums yet. That will be my next project:)

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Love the new counter depth refrigerator!! Cabinets are Schrock Morgan style maple cabinets- coconut painted finish.

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Cabinets added under peninsula. Old kitchen did not have these. We just had a 5 inch useless overhang. Love, love, love the extra storage I know have!

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I created a message board center behind the decorative end panel doors. This was not at all planned until after cabinets were installed and I realized that the doors really opened and there was usable space behind them. Only about 1 � inches deep, but wanted to utilize the space. I absolutely love having it and my kids and husband are using it too. Most of the things I had in my old "junk drawer" are here so it actually freed drawer space for me!!
On the top section we use board for business cards, pads and pencils/pens. On the bottom section, I have 2 magnetic dry erase boards (one is a "week of� " calendar) ,
Under these boards we mounted a mini clipboard with pad of paper to write all my lists of things to do and a poly folder to put important school notices, sport schedules�. I also added small hooks to hang a ruler, my camera, oven thermometer probe, shed key, and mini flashlight. We put corkboard tiles on both doors with kitchen scissors mounted underneath and a hook to hang my reading glass case, which I am always searching for!! I am sure I will add some more things as I come up with ideas.
This whole message center area cost me about $25.00!! Lucked out at Target in the back to school section. The dry erase magnetic boards were only $600 each and they fit perfectly!!

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Bye, bye formica!! New granite windowsill, Nantucket 30 inch wide, 9" deep stainless steel sink with Moen Hayfield faucet. Love the sink!!

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Cabinet that you can access from the cooking area with the U shape or from the table side of the peninsula. Not sure what is going on these shelves yet, but think wine and bar glasses will be great there!

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The hidden toe kick drawer. Not really sure what we are going to use this space for yet. Have different ideas, but am going to wait until I finalize where everything in kitchen will go before I decide. Still moving things around and probably will for a few weeks until I find the perfect place for everything.

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Wow. It looks fabulous! What a happy turn of events to have a lovely new kitchen after the cab fell off - right before an important party/event at your place (wedding?) if I recall correctly! Enjoy your beautiful new space!

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Fabulous!!! Nicely done - we paid a few more $$ for ours....
A wedding!!! How fun and exciting and done before the precious event!!

Anyone know if you can add kick drawers ex post facto?

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Wow! Looks great! Way to have an unfortunate accident turn into something fantastic! You must be so thrilled.

I love your "found" space under the finished end panels - that is excellent use of it wrong to say that may be one of my favorite things that you showed in your reveal. It's just so exciting when you get an extra bonus that you didn't plan on and can come up with excellent ways to use it.

And love that you got a toekick drawer. We plan on two - one is going to hold my folding step stool and the other will hold all the appliance manuals and receipts for the kitchen so I know exactly where they are when I need them.

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This is amazing, I love the end result!

I have a dumb question though ... Your homeowners insurance paid for this? Really? It would have never occurred to me to even call on something like that, I would have guessed that since it wasn't weather related or an act of God that we were on our own dime to fix it.

Did you have a special kind of policy? I'm really curious, I think it's great that they paid for a new kitchen. I just always assume homeowners insurance was only for liability and serious structural damage (fire, tornado, hail, tree falling on the house).


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Thank you!! No wedding though- the cabinet fell the day before my son's high school graduation party. At the time I was so upset but now I am so excited- and thankful it fell:)

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Now all the posts and questions -- and answers -- have come together.

Just beautiful.
Just so clean and beautiful!

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You could use that toe kick drawer for batteries. My husband thinks we need Costco size of batteries for everything. A drawer like that would really be great! Also for storing new manuals for your appliances etc. Looks great! Congrats. Love your granite.

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You may be amused to hear that when I quickly read the subject line of your post I saw "$300,000" and though oh my. LOL.

But great job at any price.

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Ditto - as I figured a missing decimal point

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I love it.

How do you like the Schrock Morgan cabinets? We doing the same door style in Alder with the Tundra finish. Looks like you got a lot of functionality.

Any ideas about how much the toe kick drawer upgrade was? Questions for my very patient designer......

Love it!

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LOL, congrats on having the best insurance in the whole wide world...wondering what your granite is???? Your kitchen is amazing.

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Hard to believe your insurance paid for all those upgrades unless you had all those things in your old kitchen, or you got a fantastic deal or did a lot of the work yourself. Usually the insurance gives you the amount it estimates it would cost to replace with similar materials to what you had.Please tell us how you got all of that for only $300.00 or give us the name of your insurance company.

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andreak100- funny but my new found surprise space is one of my favorite features too! I just love having everything in one spot!
rocogurl and a2gemini- $300.000 would be very nice, huh? :)
mugsy42- So far so good with the Schrock!! Lots of compliments and installer said they were nice, solid construction (we upgraded to the solid all wood box construction) The one thing I did notice is that I think I had a little more interior width on my old drawers, but made out for it with the full drawer extensions. Also, we have the pullout out pantry shelves with the soft close feature so we lose about 21/2 inches in the back of shelves and about 2 1/4 inches on each side. 24 in cabinet, but really only 18 inches of useable shelf space. However, I love the pullouts- would drive me nuts looking for things in a 24 inch deep cabinet. I think the 18 inch tow-kick drawer was just over $200 but not 100% sure.

berlingirl- the granite is Verde Peacock!! I was so apprehensive about pick it , but so glad I did. I love it!

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Ok so here is the lowdown on the insurance. We do not have any special policy, just regular homeowners insurance. Originally my husband called our insurance agent and he was told that insurance would cover replacing a similar cabinet to the one that fell off the wall, but would not replace all of them. He suggested doing a different cabinet finish as an accent cabinet. I did NOT want that at all and was bummed out for a few weeks! Then we decided to call our insurance company directly. They sent out an adjuster to see the damage. The guy was great-- he said that because the cabinets were discontinued we would have to replace all the cabinets. He mentioned that he had to submit the claim as a cabinet "collapse", not a brown/cracked cabinet. Not sure what the difference is in the insurance world, but he said it had to be written up as a collapse. He took lots of pictures and also wanted me to email him the pics I took the day it happened with the broken glass all over floor and the broken cabinet outside on our lawn. He also said formica would be replaced because there was a knick in it. I was trying to hold back my smile when he said that! Then i almost keeled over when he noticed 2 small gouges with exposed wood in the hardwood floor on the table side of the peninsula. He said if water got in there it could start to rot the wood. Because we have a continuous open floor plan they will pay for the kitchen, dining room, hallway and computer/study room to be refinished. Said we couldn't do just the kitchen area because there would be a noticeable change and would take away from value of our home. Now I get all new hardwoods too! YAY!!
He said he was going to submit his proposal to the insurance company and we would hear back from him in a week or so. It took over 2 weeks so i didn't think that was a good sign. Then we got the call that it was approved!!!! I had to look over the figures and sign off on them before the check was issued. Basically, they gave us $15,500 for the initial check. Arbella Insurance does what they call a "depreciation holdback" to ensure that all the work is done. After all work is completed, I have to submit receipts to get a recoverable depreciation value, not to exceed $2,100.00 I also received a check for $625 for personal property damage- plates, bowls, serving platters, stoneware that were broken the day the cabinet collapsed. So grand total from insurance will be $18,225.00 after I submit the receipts to prove work was done to get the depreciation holdback check for $2,100. We did not do any of the work ourselves and still managed to only go $300 over the budget. :)

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Beautiful! Nice to hear an insurance company that pays!!!! Your kitchen looks great:)

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Amhers, your new kitchen looks fabulous. I told you the verde peacock was a beautiful stone. Your wall color looks great too. Is that BM's Capilano Bridge. The hidden message center is a nice, fun feature.
Lucky you to get a great insurance settlement. Enjoy your new kitchen.

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Beautiful and I can't believe your insurance paid for it! I know people who've had floods from broken pipes and it was pretty much like for like, no upgrades on their dime AND they're premiums went sky high and put them on the Clue list. What company do you have cuz I want them!
Love your granite. I'm a sucker for green!

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