Using Lights in Upper Glass Cabs- not stacked

2LittleFishiesSeptember 23, 2012

We have an 8' ceiling and were doing stacked cabs but recently changed to a one door plan with the top panels done in glass.

The electrician wired for puck lights (or any lights) in the top sections when we thought we were doing stacked.

Now the cabinetmaker says that light will bleed down to the solid parts of the door unless he puts a "deck" that separates that top section from the bottom. Basically he said it is a 3/4" solid shelf that would be stationary.

Have any of you done this if you have similar set up?

On the all glass doors (below) we also thought we'd do pucks at top and nothing in main cab below. However, now that it is all one cabinet cabinet maker said we'd have to put lights around whole frame of the cabinet or it would again bleed down and look bad if just at top. Unless Maybe here again we put a deck in those as well. There are glass panels on the side of the cabinet by door to outside.

We are doing all wood shelves-- no glass shelves.

Thanks- I know you are all probably sick of me!

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Yes, the cabinet makes just puts a 'deck' in and that divides the cabinets so that no light will bleed. It's actually the same thing he would have done had you chosen the stacked look btw, but now he is just making sure you understand that there will be an immovable divider in what is seemingly a single cab from the outside.

Not sure how clear that is. Essentially, the custom cab maker just makes a single box even for 'stacked' cabs (since doing two separate boxes would just be a silly waste of time and money). With stock cabs you need to physically stack separate boxes to get the look, but the custom cab makers builds to the look from scratch with a single box. (hence why custom can be cheaper when you get into many of the higher end features, but I digress...)

Some pics might help you visualize. The first is the interior of what is actually a single box but appears to be 4 stacked cabs from the exterior. Then a pic with the lights on and lights off below. We put separate lighting in so that we can just have the uppers on a night, and there is no bleed through.

Please forgive the horrible blurry iPad pics, but they'll at least give you the idea.

And good luck littlefishes!!

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Taggie - perfect thanks!!! Just what I was asking : )
That's exactly how he explained it but I just wanted to check. I like that you showed me the way it doesn't bleed down into other box!

I thought I might have to spend more money to alter lighting plan but with the decks that should take care of it.

Btw he did say we gained 2 inches in height by not doing the 2 separate doors. Maybe bc of losing a rail?

Either way- thanks!

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