Need fast advice re height of BS & outlets - about to meet GC

kaysdSeptember 20, 2012

On our sink wall, there is a 10' run of cabinets. They are separated by a door from the cabinets on the adjacent wall. The center 6' of the 10' run has a bumpout for a bay window (the counter is almost 4' deep in that area). The bottom of the window is 6" above the counter.

I did not want any BS on the sink wall, but my designer convinced me I need at least a short splash to cover any gap between counter and drywall and protect the drywall when I run a sponge over the counter. I am doing a fancier full height splash on the back range wall, so I prefer to do a short splash on the side sink wall using the same quartzite as the counters.

I need to decide whether to use a 6" high splash to the bottom of the window, or just a little 2-3" splash. WWYD?

I told the electrician I wanted sideways outlets close to the counter. He put them 8" above the counter to allow for a 6" splash. I think it looks a little odd to have horizontal outlets mounted so high. He can still lower them if I let him know ASAP that I plan to use a shorter splash.

This is not the layout we finally decided on (among other changes, there is now a french door just above the DW), but it is all I have loaded on Photobucket and shows the window bumpout, in case that helps.

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Without seeing and knowing a few other things, I suggest going shorter on the little bs. 6" looks too much like the dated 4" splash. I'm sure it could work, but I think you lean more modern than that.

Here's my 2" splashlette if it helps. It does the job of protecting (and hiding) the seam where the stone meets the wall while still not looking obtrusive and catching the eye too much.

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I do really like yours Breezy. Is yours 2 cm thick?

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Yes, the splashlette is 2cm thick. My counters are 4cm so they had to fabricate the spashlette from a different slab. The whole installation was unplanned anyway due to their error in cutting.

In re-reading your OP, I noticed that a 6" splash will come up to the bottom of the window sill. Is that right? If you go that route, at least you'll be lining the stone strip up with an existing element in the room so it wouldn't look so out of place. With a window 6" above counter, a little 2" strip of stone would leave abbot 4" of drywall. Would you like a little strip of painted drywall showing like that?

I'm not much help. Just pointing out some issues on which to ponder. :)

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Yep, that's what I was pondering: line up with bottom of window or keep it very minimal.

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I see pros and cons each way in *your*situation. I still think I'd go minimal, but it'll look good either way. Btw, I'm excited to see how your kitchen turns out. Going slow to take care of that little baby was, IMHO, the best way to go.

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