Would You Recommend Your Mid Priced Range?

amck2September 26, 2012

My gut tells me I should replace my dual fuel Dacor range before Thanksgiving. The stove was in the house we bought 10 yrs. ago and the owner offered it to us for $3,000. It was practically new.

It was my 1st gas cooktop and I love that feature. The oven is electric/convection. I've loved most everything about it, except for the long preheating time and the loud fan noise when I'm using the oven, even when not on convection mode.

Those are minor to me, and I wouldn't consider replacing it except that there is a problem with the mother board and/or key pad. The least it will cost me to fix is around $400. Since it's an 11 yr. old appliance, I'm leaning toward replacing it. There's no warranty coverage, and no one in my immediate area repairs Dacor, so service calls are expensive and hard to schedule.

I have a dual fuel JennAir range at our lakehouse that is 5 yrs. old. Love everything about it. But I'm hoping to know if any of you have a newer model in the mid-price range (any brand) that you have had time to really use that you would recommend. My home is the hub for big family meals. I need a stove that can stand up to real use.

Thanks -

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I love my range. Love the induction cooktop which is
SO easy to clean. Love the convection options with the oven (bake or roast) as well as a slow-cook option. Love, love, love it. I have had it for a year.

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senator13, could you share the brand and model/year? Thanks!

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A new dual fuel range on the level of Dacor will cost far more than $400 to fix. Since the mother board is the range's electronic control panel, once replaced it should be good to go for quite a bit. Why not call Dacor and see if they will warranty your panel?

Dacor products are expensive. They are trying to recoup from some down years with a new 3 year warranty. Your dual fuel sounds like its a winner, as most breaks/service calls on major appliances occur within the first several years of purchase, not ten years out.

Somewhere on here (search the site for Dacor) one of Dacors reps left their contact number. I have a Dacor Cooktop 36" and am pleased. I'd consider at least a phone call to them to talk your situation over. Maybe they can adjust the fan; it may be from turbulence of the type of blades. Smaller blades= more noise I believe. Perhaps there is a new fan.

Good luck.

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Mid Price Range:

A lot of chefs talk about the newer Bosch gas ranges. They like the features it has, higher btu and its oven size. I have heard a fan noise complaint. But it's over $3000.

The link below is for gas 30" to 36" wide mid price ranges. Lots of nice ranges on it, many with reviews. From our friend AJ Madison again for letting us share such price information while we hand pick our features.

Here is a link that might be useful: Helpful link

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Thanks, SparklingWater. The problem with my range is one that, by the number of results I found when googling for answers, happens fairly often with Dacor ranges the age of mine.

I get beeping with an F1 ERROR signal showing in the clock display. There's no way to clear it for good. When it began doing this, pressing "Cancel" would stop it for hours or days. Then, for no apparent reason, it would began beeping at 3 a.m. or some other odd hour. Other times after pressing "Cancel" it stops for a minute then starts beeping again, and this will go on until we finally trip the breaker switch to the range (in the basement).

This unpredictable beeping is more than annoying. I've tried all the troubleshooting measures (called Dacor & they were no help)listed in my manual and those I've found online. Most who replaced the electronic control panel paid well over $1,000 (parts & labor) for the fix. I don't think I want to invest that in this stove.

I will do a search, as you've suggested, to see if I can get the Dacor rep's number. It would be worth a try to see if he has firsthand experience with this.

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Here you go amck:

"Hi eeds,
Thank you for considering Dacor among your appliance choices. In terms of consumer sites and other customers with problems - as with most products and services - there tends to be a disproportionate amount of negative postings on-line. That is true of the appliance industry and most industries involved in a business to consumer model. That is not to say there is not valid information posted, however, the postings alone do not provide the ratio for the total volume of any given product or service sold versus the number of failures.

Nevertheless, we like to think that one issue with a product or service for one of our customers is one too many, which is why we always recommend that our customers contact us directly regarding any concerns they may have.

Our current 3 For Free Promotion was created to help our customers in providing them with added value, in today's economy. We have been in business making very fine cooking appliances for over 45 years and our current appliances are amongst the best we've ever built.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our Customer Service Mon-Fri. 6:00-5:00 PST at 800-793-0093 ext. 2126. We can also be reached via email at customersatisfaction@dacor.com.

Thank you,
Dacor Customer Service"

Here is a link that might be useful: Link

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Okay, I swear I put the link! LOL. Real nice of me to go on about it an not put the link, huh?!

Here is a link that might be useful: Kenmore Elite Induction

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I'll just mention that I'm not loving my verona 36" gas / convection range. Nothing wrong with it, but nothing great either.

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SparklingWater, thank you very much for providing the post/link. I am keeping fingers crossed that I can make things work with this stove at a reasonable cost. I'm my elderly parents primary caretaker and their health and housing issues have consumed my time over the summer, which is why the stove problem got "back burnered." I got panicked at the thought of it cutting out on me during Thanksgiving, but if/when I ever do get a new range, I would like it to be a fully researched choice.

senator13, thank you for adding the link. No one in my close circle owns an induction stove, but I should learn more about them and perhaps consider one if I do go with a new range.

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