Peninsula seating, which configuration?

karenschaeweSeptember 16, 2012

Assume for the sake of discussion the overhang is one level.

Original, aka Before

Option 1 (ignore the small sink, I haven't decided to use one there or not)

Option 2

option 3

I'm leaning toward option 2. I like the idea of a counter stool in the kitchen for the sitting and prepping and conversing with the folks across from me. (yeah, I've already claimed it as mine if we do this).

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I prefer the one level seating and the expanse of countertop without the 2nd sink in #2 and 3.

Not seeing much difference in #2 and 3 except there is countertop overhang on the side to allow for a chair there, is that is? How wide is the entry? Depends on that and how much seating space you need. If you don't need the cabinet space then it looks like # 3 gives you the choice to sit on the side or on the work side of the peninsula correct? Either way it would be nice to have the option to sit on the prep side.

Also in # 2 and 3, left side of the microwave, is the black upper cab from # 1 missing in the drawing or intentionally left off? I liked it better with upper cabs flanking the micro in #1.

Also what are the long gray upper cabs by the windows?

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I prefer option #2 except (and not that you asked this) I would take more prep space between the sink and range over centering the sink over the window. Therefore... I might flip the sink and DW to increase that space.

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Option 3 doesn't have a seat on the kitchen side, that's really the only difference.

The aisle is about 4'10" at the peninsula.

Good eye island! I am undecided about the upper cabs. The long gray one is a tambour roll front cab for appliances, coffee making stuff, cooking oils, etc.

Remodelfla - I have a bit of wiggle room to move the sink down a bit, very good point! I'm pretty set on keeping the DW away from the sink-range area. Dh and I trip over each other with that arrangement in our current plan. Hip check anyone? :)

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In option 2 are the base cabinets skinnier?

I'd take option 3 to have the most storage.

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Sorry! The plans were not clear. In option 2 the only base that isn't full depth is the one on the end. The rest of the peninsula are full depth drawer bases.

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I like option 1. It's the most symmetrical and very appealing to me.

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It's hard for me to visualize it all without being able to twirl around the design to see it from all angles. But from what I can see I'd still rather have cabs flanking both sides of the stove. I don't like the blank space between the upper cab and the tambour. Is it actuall gray and roll up all the way or is it the same color as your cabs with a tambour only on the bottom?

Either way if I was going to have a tambor for coffee making I think I'd rather it by the peninsula. It's where you and your guests might be sitting to drink it. Putting it in the corner between the range and sink makes that area more congested for a frequently used appliance. Removing the tambour next to the range gives you more uninterupted counter space on that side so you could center your window, however I obviously don't know your deimensions.

Also do you bake? Would be nice to have the tambour near the peninsula to house baking supplies, and a mixer you could slide out to all that open counter space. Of course i can only think of it in terms of how i'd use it and that would be a killer spot for rolling out tart crust and batches of holiday cookies and i could sit while I do it. The cooking oils and such could go in the matching upper I'm missing on the left of the range.

What are your plans for the cabinet facing us on the right side of your room? Full length in #1 split with a countertop between in #2 and 3. Both look to be interchangable with any of the 3 designs, correct?

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It looks like you favor the one level seating, but fwiw my good friend has a lower seating area like in option 1 and loves it. Her contractor tried to talk her out of it, but also ended up really liking it. Her young child can sit there, as can her older relatives who might have difficulty with a higher stool, and her uncle in a wheelchair. It's very comfortable too.

Your kitchen is also the exact layout she has, though she has cabinets between the fridge and wall at the top of your pic, and your window is bigger. Moving the sink a little will probably be a good option, especially since you could still enjoy the view!

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I think I would like an option not pictured ... overhang on the end AND both sides. We have counter height seating, so the overhang is 15". Normally we leave all the stools on the main side, but when we have all stools being utilized sitting there eating or socializing, we pull one around to the end. Our end overhang is 7". Just enough for a once in a while thing and it's not uncomfortable even if you are eating a meal there. My mom has the same thing but her end overhang is less (don't remember how much she has) and it's just not quite enough. On the kitchen side, I would do more than the standard 1.5", but definitely less than 7".

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Wllamsem-good point! Our twins are 6 so not super little, but table height is still easier to get up and down from for all ages. And our teen son has special needs and a seizure disorder, lowered seating would be safer for him too.

Angela, the bigger overhang is a great idea! It shouldn't impact the aisle, especially since a stool wouldn't sit there all the time.

Island - very thought provoking post! Lots to,thnk about there. Let's see... the tambour goes all the way up, aluminum color.

I did,this last night after reconsidering where the coffee maker et al would live and the wall cabs over the range:

The uppers retain symmetry with the 9" open shelf for cookbooks and such and I still get a roll front cab tucked in the corner for small appliances. Thoughts on this arrangement? It gives more uppers and more counter space.

The bases aren't symmetrical, the right of the stove is 18" and the left is 15", I did this so we could enlarge the doorway between the kitchen and DR, it's only 30" and feels really tight as its a major traffic path.

I have not a clue what to do with the fridge wall pantry cabs. We are losing a very nonfunctional, traffic clogging walk in pantry so I need some good pantry space. That space doesn't yet exist, we are flipping the direction of our basement stairs but that hasn't happened yet. I took some measurements and guessed on the dimensions. Option 1 has a 30" wide by 24" deep pantry and 36" wide shallow pantry facing the FR. Thoughts?

I appreciate all the help on this and all my other posts! My layout has changed so much for the better since I first started planning this reno.

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