Any upcoming Wolf /Sub-Zero promotions?

bythebay408September 13, 2012

Anyone here know if Wolf/Sub-Zero will be offering any new promotions after the current one expires on Sept 30?

The current promotion doesn't help me because I'm not buying one of their refrigerators. All I want is a Wolf range. I'm ready to pull the trigger on the Wolf but I'm not tickled to pay UMRP.


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There are 3-5% increases to UMRP coming in November.

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I read on Yale Appliance blog two nights ago that Subzero was extending promotions. I meant to post this to appliances, but I like to confirm it on the Subzero web page first and I don't see it as yet (didn't check today though).

I'm looking at Wolf 36" AG if I have the proper gas run to allow it.

Hope this helps. We're still in recessionary times, imho, so hopefully Subzero will entice us with an extension.

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I was told by two Wolf dealers of the price increase too. However the increase is not across the board on all their products. I'm hoping it won't be on the Wolf 36" AG I want to get.

So the gamble is either buy now at UMRP or wait for the next promo which may or may not apply to my purchase. The risk is there will be no promo and I end up paying a price increase too.

I hate these kinds of decisions.....

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have you tried finding one on craigslist or scratch and dent sale? i bought mine on scratch and dent sale, minor ding on door. worth checking it out, never hurts!

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Funny you mention CL. I check it a few times a week! So far haven't seen any Wolf worth getting. Many are restaurant grade or looks really used. Though I've seen plenty of Vikings! Everyone must love their Wolfs

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