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steph2000September 14, 2013

We are DYI'ing a kitchen remodel. We are in the final stages of nailing down the layout. Work is getting stalled in part because of lighting. We had originally said we'd skip recessed lighting but we've had a change of heart. My partner is now sold on LED recessed lighting for the kitchen - and maybe short hallway right off of it.

We are in a small 1952 ranch with short ceilings (89 1/2"). I want to put 2-3 mini-pendants over the peninsula, but my top choices there are more for accent lighting and not really about task lighting. I just like the idea of having a bit of sparkle there when we aren't cooking.

The problem is, it seems lighting is really a specialty area and hard for first-time DYI'ers to get right. It doesn't seem like the kind of thing you want to get wrong. I'm looking into local options to get some consultations, but so far, that hasn't gone so great.

I'm hoping we can get some input from both professionals and experienced remodelers here.

This is the kitchen, with the rafters in place along with a beginning point for lighting layout:

The DR is to the left of the kitchen. The entry/small living area is to the bottom. To the right is the small hall that leads to the bath, laundry and bedrooms.

I'm not sure what size we should go for the lighting, how far to put them out from the walls/around the perimeter and how many we need. It would be NICE not to have holes all over the kitchen. Right now there is nothing over the fridge area and entry into the kitchen, either. Not sure if that's a problem.

As small as the kitchen is, it seems like maybe one row of recessed down the middle would make sense, but I read that you don't want that as it will cast shadows when you are working on the counter. We will have UCL on the exterior wall that has uppers. On the small range wall/nook, we will only have the range hood lighting - unless we maybe put little lights to accent the tile wall and counters that will be there or something?


Thanks so much in advance!

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I'm not sure about the light directly above the sink... will it cause a shadow as you stand there?

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Is that true, FoxCrane? I was told that the benefit of placing the recessed lights right at the edge of the counter was that it wouldn't cast a shadow?

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