Windows next to Range - how to do backsplash?

dljmthSeptember 24, 2012

I'm struggling to figure out how to do a backsplash for the scenario when you have windows flanking the range as seen in this picture. We have a more contemporary style range hood in mind - similar to the drawing - but haven't yet selected it as I'm having trouble envisioning how the backsplash would work. Anyone have pictures of how they did theirs? Was thinking to do a simple tile but not have it stop at an obvious point (where the red line is). Thoughts?

Thanks in advance to all you experts!

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I would either stop it at the bottom of the range hood, or take it all the way up to the ceiling.

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I'm sure you've checked, but is the positioning of the windows next to the range compliant with code in your location? I happened to discover yesterday that it wouldn't be okay where I am.

My first thought is to do a more complex design/mosaic between the cooktop and the bottom of the hood, then a simple/one-color design to the ceiling. Does the backsplash need to continue above the hood? If you do a simple tile, it might look nice to paint a similar color to the ceiling, even if that's a different color than the rest of the kitchen: it would draw the eye to make that wall (with the lovely windows!) a focal point.

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Our layout is similar, but a different style with a sloped ceiling.

Hope it helps...

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I'm planning on tiling eurosplash style to the ceiling around my windows and hood. (Btw, no code issues in my municipality, and I've never heard of it being an issue anywhere else.) I also like the idea of lining up with the bottom of the hood. Do you have adjoining walls with uppers? Maybe that can provide the tile line for your range wall?

I do think it depends somewhat on the tile also. Have you selected that?

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I believe the code pertains to when the window is directly behind/above the stove. I think there are restrictions then on the type of stove.

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Forgot to add an important detail. The windows are counter height so there is no other backsplash. It's an L-shaped kitchen and along the return wall (left side in that picture) are 3 of the same type windows so again no backsplash. At the very end of that run is one bank of uppers (just 45" total in length) but really no need for a backsplash. So the tricky thing is what to do with the range backsplash since it will be the only backsplash/tile in the kitchen. Tricky.

Cabinets will be rift cut oak with paint grade grey island. Haven't quie figured out counters but likely quartz or quartzite. Maybe some sort of milk glass for the backsplash? Can't figure out where to stop it either.

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Artichokey - Love that idea! In fact, I could paint that entire wall a color similar to the tile. There is not much wall to paint and the windows are white trimmed so maybe a mosaic to the hood with a solid color above that merges into a similar paint color. It could be a way to make that entire wall really pop. The other walls will be white. Will give it some thought.

As for code, it's approved and foundation is being poured next week. The architect originally wanted us to do all windows on that wall even behind the range but for many reasons (including many words of caution here) we opted not to do that. Maybe my next house :)

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If you want to stop before going all the way to the ceiling, I would line it up with Something. Try lining the top up with the mullion between the lower window and the transom. We also tile all the way to the jamb in a similar application and did not have wood casing around the window.

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I don't have windows on each side of my cooktop but I do have a contemporary style vent hood and I tiled behind it to the ceiling. I do not have backsplash tile anywhere else in my kitchen so I wanted it to be a focal point where it is. I think it would look great to tile to the ceiling in your space. How lucky you are to have windows on each side of your range. I'm jealous.

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I have windows on each side of the range also and am planning on tiling to the ceiling.
The Code in my area has to do with windows directly behind stove cannot open and must be tempered. When The inspector came to check the deck he pointed out that my hood vent duct exit may be too close to an opening window. Cant be closer than 36 inches to an opening window.

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Oh. Windows to the counter. I didn't see that when I posted earlier. I would tile to the bottom of the hood or line it up with the mullions as Palimpsest suggested. For me, it would depend on which hood you choose.

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Love those windows! I agree- decide on the hood first before the backsplash

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