How many dings are acceptable?

annkathrynSeptember 20, 2012

Not exactly kitchen related, but I know you all are savvy about cabinets.

I had a custom vanity made and it was delivered last week. I didn't unwrap it right away because I wanted it protected a bit from all the dust and chaos of my full house renovation. My contractor installed it the next day. The sink fronts and the frame above the drawer bank all had small dings in it. I asked my contractor about that and he said it was because the custom cabinet maker wrapped the vanity so tight that the pulls pressed against the frame and made the dings. There was nothing between to protect the frame during delivery. The pulls are inset into the doors & drawer fronts and while there's a little round plastic door stop, it wasn't enough to stop the rubbing.

Ok, so I was bummed but the frame will be covered completely by the doors and drawer fronts so I didn't make a huge deal about it. I did email the cabinet company to ask how they would remedy the situation.

Today I looked more carefully at the doors and drawer fronts, which I had carried up to the only room in the house that's not being touched by the renovation and placed them under cardboard and styrofoam. They all seem to have small dings, either in the corners or where the edge band wasn't applied carefully or near the pulls.

Is this normal?

I ordered similar custom cabinets from Sherr's which arrived in impeccable condition. I ordered similar drawer fronts from semihandmade which also arrived with no issues. In both cases there were no pulls attached, but otherwise the materials were the same - grain-matched walnut veneer with walnut edge bands.

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That's shipping damage. Did you mark damage when you signed for it?

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That's a bummer. I'd be disappointed. I think you answered your own question about whether it is normal... it didn't happen with your other cabs.

I think you did the right thing asking how cabinet maker would remedy the situation. Like you, I guess I wouldn't worry about the cabinet too much since it will be covered, but I would probably want new door and drawer fronts - unless they are willing to discount them to such a degree that a little light sanding (if necessary) and some walnut touch up oil would make them acceptable to you as is.

Good luck with obtaining a satisfactory resolution.

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I don't think it's damage due to the delivery. I think these dings happened in the shop and weren't addressed there. But anyway the cabinet maker is going to send a technician next week to do some touch up. I'm hoping that will resolve everything.

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