Selling kitchen cabinets

ninjabeansSeptember 21, 2012

Anyone in the New York metropolitan area know how I can sell an entire Poggenpohl kitchen without appliances? Does anyone ever do this with any success?

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A place like Green Demolitions would give you the most money from something like that and recycle the cabinets to someone who could use them. Used cabinets aren't going to bring much from anyone, unfortunately, so don't think that this will be source for major funding for your new choices. You'll be lucky if you can get 20% of original retail for them, even though they are a desirable brand. The whole thing is more about being green and keeping them out of the landfill than it is actually getting some green for them.

Or you could do craigslist if you want more money for them and deal with the schmoes who are never on time, don't have the right tools, and who you are pretty sure are just there to case the joint for a later visit.

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Green Demolitions is a great choice... There is also a Habitat for Humanity Re-Store in Mt. Vernon. They accept donations of kitchens... I've seen a couple of beauties there.

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Just sent an email to Green Demolitions. Thanks guys!

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