Sink options for 33" cabinet base?

DeDe15September 5, 2013

Help! I've read through several posts on this and I think my options are slowly dwindling. I have a 33" cabinet base, with carrera marble waiting at the fabricators until I get my act together on a sink and faucet combo. I was 100% sold on the Blanco super single, but it needs a 36" base. Ditto on the Kohler Riverby and Indio (was planning on ice grey.) I'm not huge on the farmhouse look of the Whitehaven - and for those owners, do you have to cut out the front of existing cabinetry to make it fit?

I'm looking for as large a sink as possible with an offset drain and a single bowl for a 33" base. The Franke Orca I think is still a possibility, but stainless was my last choice. It's OK, I prefer the color in the other choices, although I know a lot of Orca owners love it (and I'm not sure I "get it" on that sink, again will do some more homework.)

Any suggestions that I'm overlooking? Many thanks!

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How about the Blanco Silgranite? Maybe in the metallic gray? The Blanco Precis super single is 30in from inner rim to inner rim. This is one im considering for my 33 sink base Are you undermounting or drop in?

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The Blanco Precis Cascade is a great low split sink (28" x 18" x 7 1/2") that I installed with carrera in our 33" sink base. I choose Metallic Gray and under-mounted it. Has a center rear drain, and 3/4" rise on the right third of the sink with basket for washing veggies. It works wonderfully with the Blanco Culina faucet if you are looking for a great faucet too (semi-pro, swings to side, magnetic head, spray wo holding).

Here is a link that might be useful: Blanco Precis Cascade

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Thank you for the suggestions. I'm planning on an undermount but I'll look up both of these. Was hoping for a single bowl with an offset drain but I can't seem to find it unless I go with stainless for the 33" base. This project is SO long and drawn out I'm ready to pick and move on! Took forever to pick the countertops and still not there, the sink is now the holdup! Can't wait to have this all done!

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I am doing the Riverby. It is much smaller so not sure if it is in your range, but my cab is only 30". But it is an undermount, single bowl, with an offset drain.

Here is a link that might be useful: Riverby

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Also look at Blanco Diamond series.If you use a Sinksetter, you may be able to forgo the spacing needed for mounting clips. At least that's what I got from the video but someone here with realife installation might have more info.

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The Blanco Precis super single is offset, to the rear not into the corner though, and is 32" so should fit.

MR Direct (available through Amazon) has a large quartzite sink that will fit in a 33" base. I don't know anything about the quality (decent reviews seen for quality, not so much for customer service), but it is made in the USA.

Also the Elkay Harmony 33x22 single bowl looks like it might fit--the interior dimension is only 30.5". I think it depends on how you plan to install it.

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Good point about a Sink Setter. It allows release of the sink from below too (so as to avoid problem of sink in counter).

DeDe-regarding decision fatigue, there is a kitchen thread on whose used whom for online buying. Blanco has designated purchase sites for their warranty though.

Point is, if you can find your sink and faucet for less elsewhere, often the store you purchase from will match that price if you show them in writing. Then add in S&H.

Often your fabricator likes to look at sink specs before you buy it to ensure your carrera countertop has enough room front to back for faucet and other, or enough on the back for what you plan to do. GL.

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Often the requirement to fit a sink into a specific cabinet size is for the purpose of budgeting sufficient space, especially when a home owner is reticent about making timely decisions.
However, any carpenter worth his salt, (and familiar with kitchen remodels) can fit your BLANCO sink in that cabinet, and address any future contingencies, if you pose them.

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Wow, thanks for all of the feedback! I've never heard of the sinksetter but will look it up. I called Silgranit twice about the cabinet base for the Diamond single bowl, as that was my first choice and was told both times that I needed a 36" cabinet base. I'll call my carpenter (he's wonderful!) tomorrow and ask him about it. Still have some homework to do, obviously, but many thanks for the suggestions. I knew this forum would help!

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Super single will fit in a 33 inch sink base if your contractor is creative. Scoop the sides out of the cabinet if needed.

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