What's Best Here: Oil Rubbed Bronze or Stainless Faucet?

KevinMPSeptember 13, 2013

Some of you may recall my half remodel from last year and also my December 2012 mac and cheese incident (the casserole dish cracked my absolute black granite).

My homeowner's insurance covered the granite damage, and I had the absolute black granite ripped out today. I never liked it, and didn't pick it. As an added bonus, they took out the 4" backsplash, which I detested. In its place will be honed antique brown/marron cohiba, and the backsplash will be filled in with the remaining 4" square honed calacatta gold tiles I had from the half remodel.

Here's what the granite will look like:

I will be getting a subzero 27" 700TCI put in where the existing fridge is, but close to the wall which will give me about 3.5" of counter next to the left side of the range. New cabinetry will fill in the fridge up to the ceiling. They will install lightrail everywhere, and move the crown to the ceiling and cover the joint between the soffit and the exiting wall cabinets with a non-chunky chair rail.

The subzero will have the stainless steel panels, not custom wood panels. I like the oil rubbed bronze pulls and knobs, particularly because of the black knobs on the Dacor range, the contrast with the off white paint, the the fact that all other hardware on the doors, etc. on that floor is oil rubbed bronze or a blackish color. So, with the stainless Subzero, stainless Dacor range, and stainless Bosch dishwasher (it's in the peninsula along with a stainless coffee maker in that corner and the Broan hood), I'm leaning toward a stainless pulldown faucet (I've bought the Kohler Cruette in stainless). But part of me thinks oil rubbed bronze may be better, although I only really care for Grohe's oil rubbed bronze, but don't care for most of the faucets, which leaves with me Grohe's bridge faucet. I'm against the bridge faucets because I want to have a single hole (easier to clean, and cleaner appearance).

So, what would you do? Do you like the Curette in stainless there?

How do you feel about mounting it toward the back corner of the sink instead of in the middle? Or do you think a bridge is a better option (problem there is that I then would have the two holes for the bridge, and a separate sprayer, which is not really what I want).

Here's the kitchen now:

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I would personally stick with SS, but I know several people on here will say RB. I think SS looks more classic.

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I like the stainless.

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With the dark granite you show for your new install, I would prefer the stainless faucet.

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Another vote for stainless.

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I think either would go..
but looks like I'm ODD Man Out...I vote the oil rubbed bronze...
I think the decision should be ..Whichever faucet you really love in whichever finish...

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