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calyle7September 5, 2013

Here I am again with another small delima...
They have just ripped out the old double window in front of where my new sink and beautiful new faucet will go ... and now I have a opening that once the Granite is laid will be even to the bottom of the window frame.
Question ..How far should I close the window up behind the sink? I am not having the 4" piece of granite about the counter tops.
Hubby is really disappointed we had to close up any of the 5ft window...but needed to because of cabinets. But I promised we wouldn't close up the length any more than necessary.
The window or now opening...looks out into a glassed in front porch/ entry into the house.
I wasn't thinking about the faucet (which is large) showing up so much on the porch side ....but don't guess that should be a issue (hope not) I will also have a pendant that will hang down over the kitchen sink.
Does anyone have anything similar to what I'm describing? Or have any suggestions?

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I am not really sure what you are asking.

If I understand correctly, I don't think that you need to close up the window space any. If the granite will be level with the currently open window framing, the window sill and bottom of the window will be higher than that.

There have been a few examples of folks here that have their windows down to the counter and it looked great.

If you are concerned about water splashing up though and just want to make the window higher above the counter, I guess it is just what you think looks nice. I doubt that there is any recommended distance that the window should be above the counter.

Hope that helps

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The bottom of the opening (they have removed the window) is level with the top of the cabinets(or will be when they are delivered) So Question I leave the bottom of the opening level and make the sill out of Granite
Or bring it up say 2 to 4" and then either do a Granite sill or wood?
didn't know which would look best? Would hide the faucet some from the porch/entry if I did the later...

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