When did you pay for your granite installation?

marti8aSeptember 28, 2012

This company required 1/2 at the time of templating, which was Wednesday and I just received an invoice for the balance which says to pay "at your earliest convenience".

I assumed the balance would be due on completion. Am I wrong? I've already called their office once today about the sink cutout and she didn't mention the invoice; I am loathe to call again today.

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I paid the balance after the job was completed - I wasn't even billed until them. "your earliest convenience" should be when you're satisfied with the completed job.

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With our last kitchen, we paid 1/2 at templating and the balance when the installation was completed. Do not pay any more money until the installation is completed to your satisfaction.

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The company I used requested half at the time I selected the slab and we scheduled the template. The balance due was requested after they installed it.

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I emailed and the reply was that it was due after completion. Good. I'm not up for a disagreement.

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"earliest convenience" for me is after they finish to my satisfaction.

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I purchased the granite and had it delivered to the fabricator. The entire fab/install will be paid after installation (maybe next Wednesday, they got started this week).

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