Frameless drawer base next to wall.. how much fill needed?

deedlesSeptember 19, 2012

Anyone know what is needed fill-wise for a frameless drawer base next to a wall? Is one inch enough or is it supposed to be the standard 3". Does the same apply if next to an appliance?


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I have 1.5 and 2 inches in two areas in the new build. With the draws in, no issues with clearance. I would try for more than an inch as the depth of your mouldings, light switches etc would likely interfere.

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Unless it is going to hit something like door trim you should probably be able to get away with an inch. Or if your walls are way out of square. I have 3/4 of an inch against one wall to just clear the trim on the door. But I designed with really tight tolerances. In humid weather I have to lean slightly on the oven door to keep another drawer from rubbing on the handle. :)

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I have one inch with no problem.

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Mine was installed two days ago and is 0.75" and I have no issues. I think it could have been even smaller, but it may depend on how straight your wall is. Also, if it helps, my upper with a door hinged against the wall has less than 0.5" for filler, but the door hasn't been installed yet. I am just assuming they have done this before and know, which might be too big an assumption :-)

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I've got about 1/8" on one end, mostly because of a last minute change we made once we had the cabinets. The perpendicular wall only projects about 6" and there's no casing or anything so it's fine. Wouldn't recommend it in general though, and it definitely depends on what you've got surrounding it.

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You need enough to clear your cabinet door handle so that the cabinet can open more than 90 degrees if it is being opened that direction, ie hinge is on the wall side.

i.e. no clearance, no door handle, cabinet can open 90 degrees max.

If cabinet door handle depth is 1.5 inches and the hinge is on the wall side, then you need minimum of 1.5 inches for the door to open 90 degrees. if you allow for more than that the door can open more than 90 degree. It is nice to open the cabinet door slightly more than 90 degrees.

Additionally, you need the hinge to come to a stop without the cabinet handle banging the wall and gougin the wall.

If the hinge is not on that side, ie the door opens away from the wall, then there is not as much of need for clearance, ie only the trim clearance if needed.

Ugh. Sorry about the long winded answer. if you draw on the paper birdseye view and put the handle on the door, you will see what I mean.

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Oh man. Thanks for pointing that out. I bet the door handle isn't going to fit. I am beginning to wonder how these people have stayed in business 8 years and never had a complaint filed with the number of mistakes they are fixing. I'm beginning to think that I must just be really unlucky.

With the heads-up though, I will be able to anticipate the issue in advance, so thanks!

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Mrsjoe, my upper has 1.5" fill with door hinged on wall side. Also, the wall side is a window so the door clears the trim and the door handle has the window "well" space to open into. When the door is open slightly more than 90, it hits the window trim. The door handle is still safe in that window well. My hinges are able to open as much as 107 degrees, although they don't in that location, LOL.

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I thought this was a drawer base, is it actually a base cabinet with a drawer on top and a door? You would need more clearance for the door than all drawers.

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Mine is for a drawer base but I think someone else was talking about a door/drawer. Glad to know it can be tight, though. I was ready to give an inch or two.

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The original post was for drawers. I sort of hijacked when I mentioned my door cabinet had only 0.5" of filler and someone kindly pointed out that was going to be a problem once the door was on.

But yeah, I just looked and it's going to be a problem. It's not a very wide cabinet to begin with (11.5"), so not being able to fully open the door will likely be an issue. If they increase the filler, it is going to off-center the space on both sides of the window, so we'll have to see how much access we have. It maybe that they are going to have to remake the cabinet, which they have already done once. No kidding, they are seriously having to make the door a third time for this cabinet as we speak.

Just hi-jacked again...sorry.

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mrsjoe I think you're going to be fine. We have a narrower upper right against a deep pantry with 0" filler between them, and it's not an issue at all. I've never noticed it and never even thought about it once, until I read this thread just now. And we use that cabinet every single day.

Not sure if framed vs frameless makes a diff (?) but your cabs look like frameless too I think.

Here's a pic of ours open. You should be fine, don't worry.

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