Liebherr Fully Integrated 36'' next to full overlay cabs: Pics?

marcoloSeptember 25, 2012

Can anybody find good, close pictures of a Liebherr fully integrated fridge installed right next to tall pantry cabs with full overlay doors? I'm doing vintage but for this purpose a modern kitchen photo would be best. The fridge is going to be right next to a wall, and then I want to see full overlay doors next to it--so you see all doors with little or no cab showing, as much as possible. I want full-height cabs rather than uppers and lowers.

Not having much luck finding such an image.

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This one is from their catalog -- do the open doors render this useless?

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Circus Peanut

(This may not be a Liebherr, I think it's an Onofri, but same idea):

And just for fun, Marcolo's fridge if he were German:

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Marcelo-I bookmarked this a bit ago: 'Cherry Hill Kitchen' on Houzz. Maybe someone might kindly show it directly on GW as I can't figure out how to keep it full pixel.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link:

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Thanks, all.

What I can't figure out is whether you have to expose a thin strip of cabinet frame on the hinge side--since it's a French door that means 2 sides. I want to see only doors all the way across. They don't do a good job of showing this one way or another.

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Marcolo, check carefully what model you are looking at for Leibherr. They have both "built-in" and "fully-integrated" models and they can be difficult to tell apart. The fully integrated models can be installed without any hinges or vents showing.

I was planning on getting the Liebherr 48" side-by-side fully integrated. It took me months to realize that the fully integrated models (which show nothing at all on the outside, including vents and hinges) are shallower than most fully integrated models from other companies. If you study their planning/installation diagrams, you can get a better idea of the actual product dimensions. It's hard to find these models on a showroom floor. Check with Trevor, he has some Liebherrs on display. I also called Liebherr customer service and found them to be helpful.

Just FYI, I ended up deciding on Thermador instead of Liebherr due to the capacity issues. They are more expensive than the Liebherr, but there are ways to get them for less. I got standalone Thermador fridge and freezer units from Yale through their outlet - last year's models, in one case still new in box, and saved a bundle. You can also get great deals on eBay. A lot of places on eBay specialize in open box, scratch and dent, and overstock items. Especially for custom panel items, scratch and dent can be a great deal. I got Gaggenau double ovens, a Thermador induction cooktop, and two sets of F&P dishdrawers through eBay, all new, for thousands less than the UMRP.

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Here's that image from Houzz.

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Thanks. Looks to me that the hinge side does need to show a bit of cabinet. Darn it.

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I saw this in a local appliance store and I don't believe it showed. The hinge was tucked in and the door pulled out a bit when opened. In fact the sales guy was explaining the difference between built-in Liebherr (like the one elizpiz has) and the fully integrated. It was full overlay cabinetry.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hope this you tube video gives you some clues..

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Marcolo, are you looking at the HC2062 or HCB2062 (36" integrated french door models)? Check the planning guides on the Liebherr website. The fridge can be installed as "inset" or "full overlay". In both situations, the hinge is hidden. You do not need to leave any cabinet showing near the hinge.

Here is a link that might be useful: Planning Guide for Fully Integrated 36

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I had a HC2062 and then swapped it out for the HCB2062. Both are fully integrated, neither had/has exposed hinges.

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Yes! Thanks, all, the pics were hugely useful. That video (despite its repeated unnerving references to "door-on-door") makes it perfectly clear that, yes, I can completely cover box and see nothing but the door.

However, it brings up another problem. The panel is completely exposed on the sides and rear where it projects beyond the actual fridge door. That means I have to find a way to treat the side and rear surfaces. I can't just wrap my, um, chosen material around the whole thing like paint or stain. Have to puzzle that one out, now.

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chosen material ? now you have us intrigued ..

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I did one of these in a transitional/contemporary. Don't have good photos (on my list) but I got good specs and CAD drawings from the Liebherr rep. Was a little tricky but we got it to wrk well. Was a wall of talls and was on the end. Had to add a picece of solid material on the wall side. Was almost integrated- better than most- just not as good as a Sub Zero (who now have a french door btw)

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chosen material ? now you have us intrigued ..


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Thanks breezygirl. Good luck marcelo!

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My panels are finished on the back side as well because they are exposed. I have a SZ, and you have the option of making the door height anything up to 8 feet as long as it doesn't weigh too much. Mine shows quite a bit on the top so it lines up with the reveal in the cabinetry.

You could have the sides and back finished to match your chosen material.

I will be interested to see how you like this fridge because I am planning on the single door version of this one myself in the house I am not living in yet. A Subzero of this size will not be in the budget.

The thing that concerns me about the Lh is the crenellated interior side walls. I have gotten so used to a smooth inner box with cantilevered shelves. It's minor, but I think about it.

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try the european appliance store in Lucknow Ontario. they'll have an answer if you hit a dead end about anything technical-I went up there a bit ago- but I see they have online form for questions.

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I'm in New England, herbflavor. Though at the moment I could certainly use a visit to any place named "Lucknow."

I (mostly) picked my appliances long ago. So I can't remember why I picked this one! Reviews are pretty OK. Some folks complain about the doors not closing easily, but others say they've successfully fixed that. Hilariously, multiple people say the install instructions are wrong and you need a slightly bigger clearance than specified, but no one will tell you what that clearance is. So helpful.

In any case, I certainly can't remember the differences between the three integrated models. I'll have to ask again--the website doesn't make it clear. What's the diff between "panel ready" and "custom panel required?"How can the same fridge accept either a thin sheet of stainless or a 5/8" to 3/4" thick cabinet door panel?

pal, I may in fact need to fudge the sides and back--should be close enough. The transitions could be tough, though.

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Circus Peanut

For total coverage you could of course go full-on Euro, Davidro style, and do the box-within-a-box as they normally do for built-ins, using those nifty sliding hinges. Here's a shot on a German version of Gardenweb Kitchens where someone got clever about a size discrepancy with their IKEA cabs:

Here is a link that might be useful: German thread; Liebherr built in to IKEA cabs

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