Is this door to busy for inset?

aries61September 9, 2012

Looking for opinions on this door style being used for inset. I like it, but think it's to busy for using for inset. What do you think? It would probably be painted instead of stained.


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Sorry, but I think it is too busy for inset, for overlay, for anything. For me it is just too ornate and what looks like the combination of a raised panel in the center of the lower cabinet and a recessed panel in the drawer looks odd. Bur that is me, if you like it, go for it!

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I have to go to work, so I don't have time to look for this. However, at the in their download section, it discusses why mitered doors are not good for inset cabinetry.

The picture is fuzzy, so I can't tell, but I"m thinking that ornate door is such.

I disagree with Lilyvt about this not being good for anything. It's an attractive door, but more ornate than is commonly seen right now. The door and drawer front were obviously made to go together, and who ever made that sample felt it was just fine for inset.

I happen to like the color of the wood. I'd really have to see the rest of your kitchen before I make a judgement call (which is a nice way of saying "opinion") of whether or not it's too busy.

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I am not sure that the problem is that it's too "busy". I think the proportions and the shapes are all wrong, and that is why it is somewhat disturbing to look at. There is an art to all this that is pretty complicated us lay people, but when it's not right we instinctively know it. Saying why isn't as easy. Below is a quick example of a "busy" cabinet door. The effect is more pleasing than disturbing, despite being "busy".

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Well put!

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Inset being a revival of an old style, using a modern mitered door does not go. Mitered door technology is only a few decades old.

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Thanks for the feedback.

lillyvt: It's common with a lot of cabinet makers sometimes to have a flat panel in the drawer and raised panel in the door due to size constraints. I was told that the larger drawers will have a raised panel in them.

I'm posting a picture of the door in a non inset frame so you can see better detail in the door.

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IMO I would say yes it is too busy, but I am a fan of the plain recessed panel shaker style inset door.

It also depends on what you plan for other finishes. If you have black counters and plain backsplash then it may not seem too busy but if you plan a busy granite and decorative patterned backsplash then I would find that to be a visual overload.

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