Which stack for dishes & silverware? Dishwasher issue?

2LittleFishiesSeptember 12, 2012

There are 2 stacks next to microwave in island. I'd like to put the utensils and dishes in the middle stack but it is opposite the dishwasher and I'm wondering if I'll have issues with unloading dishwasher?

I guess the stack at end would be okay but I know more people will be seated at speed oven end. Also one top drawer will be for spices so I thought that one should be closer to the cooktop, which when looking at photo #1 is on the right.

Do you see any potential problems? I don't know how much room an opened dishwasher takes up and if I can have that opened as well as the drawers in the microwave?

The dishwasher is the 24" cabinet to the right of the sink:

(And the cabinet size #s in island are WRONG in this)

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The question I think is whether you can fully open the drawers as well as the dishwasher door. The goal is to remove dishes from the dishwasher and place them in the drawer directly. If you can fully extend and open both, then it would be very convenient to stand to one side, open both and transfer from DW to drawers. You seem to have 45 in aisle clearance there. The dishwasher door would be around 32 inches I think so it may not be possible. Next best alternative is to stand in front of the dishwasher facing it and open the drawer to your left and transfer the dishes..

Bring in the time and motion study experts :)

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Okay, this is the real-life set-up of your plan. In my kitchen the distance between the island and the perimeter is 46" (countertop to countertop). The dishwasher is very nearly right across the island. I can open both the dishwasher and the drawers opposite fully. I stand next to the dishwasher (right hand side) and unload all silverware and dishes in one motion into the drawers. Pots and pans go with the same ease in the drawer under the cooktop on the right of the DW. For glasses, cups and mugs I go to the other side of the DW and put these in the uppers.(not shown in picture) All in all it is a very efficient way of unloading the DW. HTH, Petra

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Great!! Thanks! Our measurement is cab to cab so we may be a couple of inches less than you but looks like it would still work.
Thanks for the pics!

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This is one of those "measure twice" situations. Your drawers may be deeper than the IKEA tandembox/Blum ones that Petra has.

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Good point! I think I'll check with KD (cab guy) on this.

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Are the drawers in each stack the same size?

If so, they should be interchangeable and that means you don't have to decide now.

Have your cabinetmaker put cutlery dividers in one of of top drawers then after your kitchen is done you can actually practice and figure out which stack works best for your storage needs.

I have the dish drawers, and I empty my dishes into stacks of plates, saucers, bowls, etc on top of the counter above the dw then place the stacks of dishes into the storage drawer. Lots less movements on my part. Probably should do it the other way. Lord knows I need the exercise.

I remove the cutlery bin from the dish drawer and empty it into the drawer.

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Good Point, red lover! Yes, they ARE the same size so that removes the stress!
Do you use pegs for dishes or just leave it plain. It seems most just put something so they don't slide...

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On sliding dishes: I didn't put anything besides the dishes in the dish drawer. They do slide, but we're talking 1/4 - 1/2 inch per week, so I can hardly get excited about it. I think as long as you have soft close drawers pegs or no pegs is optional.

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Someone else had this arrangement...the pretty kitchen with the red island - who is that? She mentioned how convenient it was on her thread and I asked her about it because I am going to have the same arrangement. I'll see if I can remember.

Red island with a reveal in the last few weeks - anyone know?

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That looks like it would work great - as long as you can open both.
I love being able to unload my DW without walking all over the kitchen!

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Found it - it's mmhmmgood!

And annsch said she had the same arrangement too.

Here is a link that might be useful: mmhmmgood KIA thread

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2fishies! (love your handle BTW) I have exactly 45" cab to cab between my DW and drawer stack. At present my DW is in use so I can't post a photo of them both opened for you, but I can try and do that a bit later. It JUST fits, and I mean just. As in with drawers and DW all the way open I can't close the DW because of my pulls. But even it were an inch or two less I would still put my stuff right across from the DW because it is so incredibly convenient. It would just mean my bottom drawer wouldn't be able to come out all the way - kind of like the non-full-extension kind. That might be an issue for getting stuff out of the drawer, but probably wouldn't be an issue for getting stuff into the drawer. I don't know, but as someone already mentioned you could try it out and always move the drawers later if you weren't happy.

I'll work on getting another real life example pic for you later tonight or tomorrow.

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mmhmmgood- Thanks so much! I really appreciate that : )

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here you go!
So close but not quite touching, bottom drawer extended to the max and DW:

A bit different angle bottom drawer of stack:

Middle drawer and DW, tonnes of space! Well, not close to banging eachother anyway!


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