Hardware placement - concerns with symmetry

Mom23EsSeptember 6, 2012

So when I selected cabinets, I didn't take into consideration how the hardware would affect the look of symmetry. My doors look the same, but the ones that are pull outs vs just doors are throwing a wrench in my plan.

Here is a pic of my cabinets. These are the ones causing me the greatest concern. The bottom left cabinet is a pull out trash. The bottom right cabinet is a regular cabinet.

I had planned on using these cup pulls on all pull outs and drawers.

And I was planning on using these knobs on all doors- top and bottom cabinets.

So what do I do? If I put a cup pull on the lower left trash pull out and a knob on the lower right door, won't it look silly? All the drawers will have cup pulls. So everything will have a cup pull except the door?!?

My other thought is to use these pulls on the lower trash pull outs and doors. Would that make it look more put together if they had the same hardware, even if it is in a different direction? Fwiw- we are using these pulls on the dark wood cabinets in the wet bar around the corner.

Ugh. DH is done. He won't discuss any more of my kitchen obsession. Advice please???

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I put a knob on my trash pullout door. If it did not work well, I planned on changing it to a pull. It seems to be working well!
DH doesn't think it's causing any harm to the door, and he was concerned about it when I insisted on trying a knob on that door.

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I am of the camp that thinks that hardware should reflect the use of whatever it is mounted on, so I don't think it looks the slightest bit odd to have two different kinds of hardware on the bottom (or the same hardware oriented in different directions). So I think it would be perfectly OK for you to use the cup pulls and one knob on the lowers. However, my personal preference is for pulls that you can grasp either from above or below, so if it were my kitchen I would use the last pull you have pictured. (Which is actually what we did -- pulls on all the lowers, some horizontal and some vertical depending on whether they are on drawers/pullouts or doors.) Cup pulls are a great look and lots of people like them, so that is just my personal opinion.

You have beautiful cabinets and all the hardware you have chosen would look just great with it! You really can't go wrong.

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Our trash pullout has a different knob than any other pull to help mark it for guests.

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My old house had an island with three lower cabs. The left two had knobs and the right one was a trash pullout. I put a cup pull in the center of the trash and I thought it looked just fine. I always find it helpful to take my cabinet layout and sketch on the hardware. You can play with different styles and locations that way and see how it looks before drilling any holes.

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It would probably bother me a little to have the one knob there. Why not just put a cup pull on the one door? That will work well and keep your symmetry - all the doors/drawers in that one area will be pulls. I think that's what I'd do if it were my kitchen. Pretty cabs!

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I'm with northcarolina on this one. Functional mix is fine. I had to chuckle at your statement,

"Ugh. DH is done. He won't discuss any more of my kitchen obsession."

As I too, am living in a complete fog of kitchen obsession. Day and night, night and day. I wonder if I'll even remember who I am when it's all over?

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I second beeps' idea. Cup pulls all around. I don't think it would bother you to open that cab with a pull. All my cabs doored or no have horizontal pulls. It's no bother. Granted, opening a cup pull that way will be a little different than a standard pull like mine, but I still don't think you'll have any trouble with it.

I have a pull on my trash pullout and thank myself often that it is not a knob. A knob is more difficult to open as evidenced by the fact that aging in place guidelines call for pulls. Plus, I plan on living in this house until I'm wheeled away to the hearse or win the lottery. I've heard you have to *buy* tickets to have a chance if winning.

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Since trash is traditionally located either at the clean up station (sink area) or the prep area (island?) and this seems more like a hutch type area where symmetry seems to be more important than function, perhaps the trash is located in the wrong location for functionality. Retrofitting another cabinet for the pull out hardware isn't that difficult if that's the case, and once the trash was moved, you could have your symmetry here for the hutch area.

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The same thing crossed my mind as it did GD's. That doesn't seem like the most functional spot for a trash pullout. Is it just a secondary trash with the primary one bring located in your prep and/or cleanup zones?

Forgot to say that your cabs are gorgeous! You're making good progress!

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Thanks everyone! It's great to read so many opinions. Of course, I still have no idea what to do.

GD and Breezy- this area is going to be set up as a snack zone. The space in the uppers (below open shelves) is for the OTC MW. I plan on putting snacks in the bottom drawer, and the fridge is just to the right. The pull out trash here is my secondary trash- didn't think DH and the kids would bother walking around the island to throw away snack wrappers!!! Sigh. My main trash/recycle is in the island. Here's the best shot I have of my kitchen right now. The snack area is all the way on the left- kind of recessed so you can't see it well from this angle.

And I'll throw in another pic just because I'm so excited about the window and sink. :-)

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Oh, how pretty!

I'll throw a monkey wrench in this one.
I just saw a picture somewhere of bin pulls.
The drawers were as expected, but the doors had sideways bin pulls! They'd installed them vertically.

Perhaps you could work with that somehow?

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Wow, Mom23es! It's just beautiful!! I figured that trash couldn't be your primary. You've been around here a long time. ;)

You must be so very excited! The window is great, but I like your cabs even better. I hope you love your corner pantry as much as I do mine. I've never had a pantry before and feel like I'm in shangri-la when I walk in there.

Hurry up, would ya? I want to see this kitchen all spiffed up!

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I obsessed over the exact same thing- also have a mix of bin pulls and knobs, with a pull out next to a cupboard.
I highly recommend using a bin pull on the pullout and the knob where it goes regardless of symmetry. Once you are in that kitchen using those pulls and cooking, you will be so glad you did. Function should come first. Now that we've been using ours for so long it doesn't even look 'off'. It's a working kitchen (and the bin pulls are very comfortable on the pullouts too).

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I have an 18" sink base and and 18" trash pullout side-by-side in my island. I wanted to put pulls on both for symmetry but my husband, who unfortunately was still willing to discuss my kitchen obsession, told me that was dumb. He's right, but it would have looked nicer. Anyway, I'll put a shot of it below. It's fine because it is nowhere close to being a focal point in the room, and I think it's the same for you. Everyone will be looking at the window so it doesn't matter what you put on the cabinet door. GORGEOUS window and sink!!!

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Thanks so much for the compliments. I'm still such a ball of nerves that I haven't had much time to reflect yet. I can't believe how much more we have to do before we move! We are still working to get our current house listed... must get house sold before the holidays!!! I have no idea how we're going to show the house with three kids' nap schedules and GFCF meals (essentially no eating out ever so I cook a ton), but we just have to do it. Just have to have faith that it will all work out.

Builder wants hardware on Monday. Sigh. I shouldn't say lol, but really, that's what I think about making a decision by then. Can I just give him some faucets and chandeliers instead? He's a good guy, so I know he'll work with me. BUT, I know I have to figure this out soon.

Mpagmom- I wouldn't have noticed a difference at all in your pic. It just seems to make sense for the purpose. :)

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I'm going to vote for the pull like you are using on the wet bar for the trash pull-out, cup pulls on all drawers and a knob on the lower cabinet door.
I agonized over the same thing in my kitchen and then thought - don't I *want* the kids and their friends to recognize which one is the trash?
In your beautiful kitchen, the snack area isn't the focal point and symmetry isn't a big deal to my eye.
My reasoning for the bar instead of the cup pull for the trash is cleaning....we are a messy/casual family and don't have cleaning help. I don't want to have to wipe out the underside of a cup pull used by the kids with messy hands making snacks. Your situation may be different.

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Forgot to add... I can see if a bar pull is dirty and wipe it down after dinner. Sticky stuff in the cup pulls is hidden until I grab them, which may be days later.

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Another vote for bar pull for the trash. I don't think it will look odd at all. It looks right for the purpose. And will be much easier to use with messy hands.

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I respect northcarolina's position, but I decided to mount a couple of pulls that were contrary to the "normal way" you would mount a pull for a given cabinet. For example, I put a pull on the edge of a spice pullout; it looks like the door will swing, but it pulls straight out. This works fine, and, once the "trick" has been revealed, it still looks fine. IMHO, a knob on the side of your trash bin would be fine.

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I have a 24" garbage pull-out I got at a reuse center. My beloved beaded inset.

It has a knob in the corner so it looks like a door should open. The drawer glides are strong enough, and it's installed well enough, that it pulls out smoothly.

So I understand what you mean and think it's smart!
(Yeah, BG Pants!)

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CEF: that is nice to know that it can be done with a 24" cabinet! I think I would have chickened out on that -- glad you didn't. That's awesome.

I also put pulls on the sides of two 12" pantry pull-outs, and they work fine, but that is only 12".

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I used a pull vertically on my trash pullout which is under my sink. I wanted it to be mounted the same way as the two neighboring cabinet doors. The pullout is Rev-a-shelf's gas spring assisted easy open /close and there is no problem accessing it with the pull mounted on the side.

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OK. I did it. I put a handle on the regular door the "wrong way". I think it looks perfect!

I'm going to live with it for a bit, but I may end up retrofitting the cabinet with a rev-a-shelf pull out. It may not be worth it since I don't plan on putting frequently used items in there. Plus, I don't want to lose much interior width.

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Looks great with the 2 handles handles matching each other. I had a similar quandary - but slightly different. All of my handles were the same size but needed a larger handle for the giant pull out pantry. I ended up using the same style but then used the large handles on our sun room "caves" to balance the kitchen.
Your kitchen is looking great! Stunning!!!

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