urgent!! new faucet etc asap (long)

compumomSeptember 21, 2013

I've been on the fence about which faucet to choose all summer long. This morning I'm being forced into a decision. The line has ruptured and I have a warm spray that has dampened the entire cabinet.
We remodeled 11 yrs ago and I was advised to also change out our instant hot water tank at the same time as the faucet. This means possibly a new hot/cold dispenser to hook into our Water Inc chiller, a hot water tank, a new soap dispenser and of course, a new faucet.

I was considering the Kohler Sensate, but I'm not entirely sold -- it's awfully new, has a plastic component that I'm not and its expensive. Cost isn't the main factor, but flow and being able to fit in the pre-drilled holes on my sink are the primary factors.

Anyway, I'm looking at higher arc faucets and saw the HANS GROHE ALLEGRA which comes in a 2.2 flow rate. So far, so good.
What's the feedback on this faucet?

THE FINISH--The drawer pulls etc are all satin nickel. Finding matching metals for the soap dispenser and faucets is difficult. What would the TKO folks think if I went to a polished finish for all of the sink hardware? Would that be awful? My microwave, cooktop and ovens are all SS.

GARBAGE DISPOSAL--We have the Insinkerator 444 and HATE it. I don't think that I have room for the 1hp model. This one won't grind lemon rinds or the tops of cucumbers. I'm so done with it. Is there a better model? This one is 11 yrs old!

Thanks in advance for helping me through my emergency. Analysis paralysis put me here, I need someone to hold my hand! LOL

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The Insinkerator Evolution Pro Compact is only 3/4hp, but I've been really happy with it for 2 years now. Not a single clog or jam. I guess it's called compact because it takes up less space under the sink, so maybe that would work for you.

Many of us think it's OK to have a polished faucet, like chrome, with brushed hardware elsewhere. If it's all in the silver family, it works. I've also seen kitchens with classic chrome faucets and pulls of brass or bronze. It can be done. My pulls are ORB and the faucet is SS, like the sink.

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Thank you! Is that disposal batch or continuous feed?

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Mine is continuous, and I use a fiber optic switch for it. An air switch would work, too. If you're not up for drilling a new hole in the counter, or if you don't have an extra hole available, then you need to mount a regular switch somewhere else. But if you can swing it, an air or fiber optic switch is wonderful.

I think batch feeds take up more room under the sink, right?

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Excellent, we already have an air switch. I just left Ferguson and I now plan to have a plumber come over to judge what I can accommodate under the crowded mess that is my my sink cabinet!
Due to my predrilled Rohl Allia sink, my faucet options are limited. They suggested the Hans Grohe Allegra or their Mirabelle faucet.
Can anyone weigh in on the Mirabelle?

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I'm looking at a Mirabelle faucet for our bathroom remodel as well, but can't seem to find any first hand info on them. Compumom, what did you finally choose? Does anyone have experience with Mirabelle faucets?


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Hi- the quick answer is that I went with what the plumber recommended-- Grohe Lady Lux. Although he knows the salesman at Fergusson, it's their own brand- not a national brand. I couldn't find one review-- postive or negative, which I thought was odd. The plumber said stick to a national brand. For my kitchen, which sees a lot of use, I followed his advice.
In my bathrooms I have a 4 types. Restoration Hardware, Kohler (from Home Depot) another brand that I don't recall the name. but was a bit more costly and then the master bathroom has Rohl faucets. The Kohler is nice, but has a low flow. The unknown brand is pretty, but I wouldn't want to use the handles everyday-- they're thin. The Rohl is great if it's in your budget. Grohe is always good!

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