Granite Installation... I'm nearly in tears

april_loveSeptember 12, 2012

I'm nearly in tears. My granite was partially installed this morning. There was one piece near the eating area that was chipped and filled in. It looked bad; They took it back to the shop to fix and are supposed to come back today to finish.

I'm looking at the granite and I just don't believe it's the piece I selected. It may just be the lighting but I just don't think it's the one I chose. There are four separate pieces of granite - two look the same and two look different.

Here's my dilemma. I ordered the granite through my cabinet maker. The cabinet maker has paid for everything as it relates to the granite. I will pay him at the end of the installation. My cabinet maker is meticulous; There were a few things that needed to be modified with the cabinets. He had everything fixed in less than a week. He even took care of things that I told him weren't a big deal to me.

If it were anyone else I'd stop payment in a heartbeat. It's kind of looking like the granite yard may have shipped the wrong piece.

What should I do? I don't want to ask my cabinetmaker for money off.

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Do you have pics of the slabs you chose? If the granite yard messed up, your cabinet-maker shouldn't be on the hook. I wouldn't hesitate to bring it up with him, but be clear who you think messed up and who should be on the hook, i.e., not him.

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Call him now. Enlist his help.
He is your best ally in this.
Before they bring back that other piece.

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I also got my granite through my cabinet people. I also liked, and had a great relationship with the cabinet people. The granite came and had a chip, which I didn't like. CEFreeman is right; the rep from the cabinet store was my best ally. Just because you like the cabinetmaker and feel bad doesn't mean you shouldn't be receiving what you paid for. Don't accept without question if you don't think it is the granite you selected! HTH

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Remember that the cabinet maker didn't make the granite. He's as much at mercy of his contractor as you are. He is your best help.

Did you by chance take pics of your slab? Perhaps to post them here? That could help the issue a lot.

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