Kohler stages 45 under 36" window?

ckelly48September 21, 2013

I'm really excited about the Kohler stages sinks. I know it is available in 33", but it seems the larger one would be so much more useful, plus the price is almost as much for the smaller one. I have several questions.

First, I only have a 36" sink base. I have seen several of you use the 45" sink in a 36" base, by not using the metal storage under the sink, and by making adjustments in an adjoining drawer. I have a 21" trash pull-out that I could put next to the sink base and make it work. But that would move my dishwasher over by 21 inches, instead of being next to my sink. Would this be too inconvenient? I have always had my dishwasher right next to the sink.

Second, I have a 36" window over my 36" sink base. If I get the 45" sink, the raised part of the sink would be to the right of the window. Would this look funny? The layout of the kitchen would not allow me to center the sink under the window.

I love this forum. I've been referencing it for several months, but this is my first post. Thanks for all your help!

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I think if the bowl portion is centered under the window, it will still seem correct.

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Here is our Stages 45 under a 24" window.

I think it would look fine if you centered the faucet over the deep part of the sink, rather than the entire sink.

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Clarion, thanks for the picture. It looks great in your kitchen, especially with your countertop. What faucet are you using?

My setup would be similar to the one in the picture, except my dishwasher would be to the right of the trash pullout. Can anyone chime in on my question - Will it be inconvenient to load the dishwasher? I would be rinsing them in the sink and then reaching over almost two feet to put the dishes in the dishwasher.

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The faucet is Kohler Vinnata.

There is a recent posting about DW positioning with the same question, though I do not recall the results. Search around.

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