Need wall paint help for pickled oak cabinets

lisamarie717September 9, 2010

We recently bought a new house but unfortunately the kitchen cabinets are that pickled oak - they look like peach wood to me. And on top of that the walls are green. The pic below is what I took during the walk through. We move in soon. I have been told that the green brings out the peach. So we are definitely going to repaint the walls rather than put in new cabinets. I was thinking about a terracotta color. Anyone have any ideas, suggestions or pics to help me? Trying to get all of this done before baby #2 comes along in Dec. Thanks!

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Hi lisamarie, I looked back at your previous post on this from a couple of weeks ago and you got lots of good suggestions there for wall color. One person suggested a soft gray and I think that would be lovely. The green certainly makes the pink tones pop out.

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You will definitely get them to look less pink if you go with a neutral that has a pink or red undertone rather then a green undertone. My dad said they called their khaki dress uniforms in the army "pinks" because the khaki had more of that than a green/yellow undertone. So beiges or greys with this undertone could work well.

Some reds may work, some may be too warm (orangey) and bring out the pink by contrast.

I agree that they look too pink with the green paint but I am not sure why people are so anti-pickled finishes, I don't think they are particularly unpleasant. --Actually pickled and cerused finishes are due for a comeback and Restoration Hardware is actually doing this with greys.

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I would post this picture and question in the Decorating forum. Lots of good advise there and maybe someone could photoshop a couple of colors for you. Have you thought about painting the cabs?

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I'd suggest a dark taupe color. I have whitewashed cabs right now and was amazed at how good Benjamin Moore AC-36, Shenandoah Taupe, looked when I repainted a few years ago.The color is neutral and you can accent it easily.

A friend liked it so much he had his whole house recently painted in AC-32 Pismo Dunes, which is a few shades lighter. He is getting ready to sell that house and there is not only pickled oak cabs but ton's of woodwork and beams all in that same pickled finish. The color really transformed the look of the whole house and gave it an updated look. His house is going on the market for 1.5M and he'll get it. I'd pull a few color chips and hold them next to the cabinets or buy one of those little sample pots of paint.

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I'm just seeing this..hope I'm not too late. I too have the same type of oak cabinets in my kitchen (house was built in the early 90's). In order to get rid of the pink/mauve undertone, I painted the kitchen Northampton Beige. I also changed the countertop to a dark granite(black with tan and a little red). Changed the appliances to stainless.

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