does this kitchen layout looks OK?

hima36September 11, 2012

Dear friends, I have posted this to "building" page - but requesting this for expert kitchen layout opinion. what changes would you recommend? of note - towards wall - center in sink, i have two dishwasher one on each side and refrigerator. I have consern that range and sink/dishwasher are little far.

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Rachiele, LLC

The sink wall seems to be all tied up with sink, dishwashers and refrigerator. I can not see what you have noted in the island, but I might consider using the island for the main sink, or at least a prep sink. There is precious little storage around the main sink. I know the window is located there, and the view might be worth the trade off. But, if it were my kitchen, I would have the main sink across from the range in the island. For what it is worth, I am a 25 year accredited kitchen design professional. Also... be careful to make sure there is plenty of walk space between the island and the sink and dishwashers if you leave them there. That looks like it could be a busy area. I would try and leave a minimum of 45". Think of the space you will have when the dishwasher doors are open.

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I see uppers and a base cabinet for storage on your sink wall, and something across the aisle in the island... But I'm not sure if that's storage or not. Anyway, you don't seem that short on storage on that wall, and I would never want the main sink directly across from the stove if I could help it, so a totally different opinion than Drachiele. In that case, you'd be competing for storage with the cooking and prep area. I do agree that 45-48" of aisle would be nice in front of the dishwashers. We have 48" in between our dishwasher/sink run and the island, and it's good in a busy kitchen.

A prep sink in the island will make your prep much nicer (no prepping food over dirty dishes), give you separated zones for multiple workers, and solve the distance problem you were concerned about.

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Excellent suggestions. my personal preference is not to having main sink and dishwasher in island. I will make sure about the space issue both of you have mentioned. that's great practical tip for me. How about having L shape kitchen? Current version of the range can be one part and connected (separating space bw kitchen and formal living) would be the place where sink and two dishwashers? If it seems aggreable - where does refrigerator goes? Of note - in current version - microwave is in island and island has some storage.

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I'm not quite clear what you're proposing, but if you mean having the sink and dishwashers in a peninsula between the kitchen and the formal living room, I wouldn't do it. I wouldn't want my cleanup sink and dirty dishes on display to the living room...

In the plan as drawn, what is supposed to go where this a space at the living room end of the stove run of cabinets?

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Are you doing an addition or a re-do? What do you currently have?? The starting position for a project is helpful to know.

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How much space is there on the end of the cooking run backing to the stairs? You seem to have a space there. I would maybe consider placing my frig there and a prep sink opposite it on the island. Then you'd have a nice cooking area and a separate cleanup area. If that's your frig now down by the pantry... I wouldn't want people having to walk down a "corridor" in my kitchen to access a drink.

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Sophie Wheeler

I couldn't live in a house that the master bath area was bigger than the kitchen. (or that the entrance was almost directly off of the kitchen) One or the other is out of proportion here.

Or both are incorrectly proportioned.

Increase the size of the kitchen and decrease the size of the master by maybe combining closets and decreasing the wasted floor space.

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THANK you all. I have decided to cancel this plan completely.

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