Favorite custom or semi-custom white painted wood cabinets

doughertSeptember 13, 2013

This is such a great forum for newbies to reno!

We are in the process of a major renovation that includes our "dream kitchen". I'm looking for durable, quality custom or semi-custom painted white wood cabinets (SCD, hidden hinges, dovetail, plywood box) that is within our budget (WoodMode is not). Looking at frameless or inset construction.

What is your favorite cabinet manufacturer for the above and why? We live in Pennsylvania.

Thanks in advance!

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We have Fieldstone cabinets (right down here in MD) and we're very happy with them, but ANY added features sneak up the price. (All of the "add ons" for convenience - trash pullout, racks, tilt outs, etc. are Rev-a-Shelf so if you or your contractor are handy, save the $ and order then cabinet and then add those on yourself.)

And, it's really not the cabinets that get you, it's the arches or the mantel over the stovetop etc.

That said, I think the quality is outstanding and we're very pleased with the finished results.

(There are about 6 to 8 shades of "white" available. Our kitchen is Macademia, which is actually a creamier color. We did a bath in Marshmallow which is a very pretty soft white.)

Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Fieldstone Cabinetry

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If you are near an Amish cabinetry maker, you may find they can do the kitchen for the same cost

I have Crystal Cabinet Works beaded inset cabinets and I'm very pleased. I purchased mine during a "free paint" and "free inset" promotion. They allow you to combine their Keyline (less customization, lower price) and full custom offerings that keeps their pricing in the mid to mid-high category. (They were far less than the Fieldstone). They have a good reputation here and among my preferred contractors.

There is a good thread here on pricing comparison of white painted shaker cabinets.

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Not sure where in PA you are, but Dutchwood Kitchens in Myerstown did our whole house and a bunch of the kitchens for people on here. They are affordable and really high quality.

My Dutchwood Kitchen

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I am getting ready to place my order for Shiloh cabinets, white beaded inset. They seem very nice from the ones I saw in the showroom and I have seen a lot of others on here comment that they are happy with theirs. They offer the inset at no additional cost above the overlay. They have several whites, glazes, highlights, etc.

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Akcorcoran- your kitchen is beautiful (just love it)! How many years have you had the cabinets? Thanks so much for sharing a pic of your kitchen. The granite color is also along the lines of what we are looking for. We are in SE PA so MD is not far away at all. I definitely will check it out. Love that there are many different shades of white which is hard to find.

I will look into Dutchwood (not one I'm familiar with but love that it local). Shiloh is on my list as well- very few manufacturers offer no cost inset.

Thanks to all these great options to consider!

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Thanks! We've had them approximately 1/3 of a year - installed in April! :-) I'm a fan of timeless kitchens but our house is a 1917 Colonial so it needs to look new but old. The granite is Typhoon Bordeaux (ours is Typhoon Bordeaux Green but there is also Silver and other variations.)

Lots of great options here - good luck!

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doughert if you check around GW, there's a whole bunch of dutchwood kitchens. Beekeeperswife, Tom in Nj has one. Finestra. Michelle16. Probably more.

Here's some threads:


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You live in Pennsylvania? I live 10 hours from you (PA) & I was so hoping Dutchwood would make my cabinets. That was right about the time they were getting so many orders, they had to restrict their orders to within a certain geographical area. So many beautiful kitchens made by Dutchwood: Michelle16, Beekeeperswife, Finestra, Beaglesdoitbetter. So custom, whatever you want, Jason & his crew make it happen. They didn't make my kitchen cabinets & I know their names!

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akcorcoran - love your crown molding, all those drawer banks & range hood, your light fixure, & the Typhoon Bordeaux. I'll have to search for your reveal. I can see you whipping around the kitchen with your Gondaletta broom.

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I'm partial to Dynasty-Omega since I sell it. But, even if I didn't, it's still well constructed and had a great finish to it.

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Thank you for this thread since I am trying to decide to go with full overlay kitchen cabinets, beaded inset cabinets or flush inset cabinets. Gooster, I must look at your pictures again close-up as I did not realize they were beaded but they sure are beautiful!

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