Farmhouse Sink Material - Quartz??

ktclickSeptember 18, 2010

Hi everyone -

I've found this forum incredibly helpful in planning my kitchen remodel, but now I have a question I haven't yet found a satisfactory answer for:

I know I want a single bowl farmhouse sink. Now I'm trying to figure out what material would be best for us. I love the look of the fireclay sinks - they're so shiny and I love shiny things. However, I've heard they are brittle and I am extremely clumsy. I also have two young children who I hope will be my dishwashers as they grow bigger, so I need something very sturdy. Do they really crack easily? Do they scratch easily? I know we would be in big trouble if that is the case. I am not a delicate dishwasher.

So, I've been looking at quartz farmhouse sinks. I saw the post where these were discussed, but no one has posted how the quartz sinks have been holding up since they were installed. Does anyone have the Mitrani apron front in metallic white? What does THAT look like?

Do those of you with fireclay or similar material farmhouse sinks think they are tough enough to withstand clumsy me and two kids? I am looking to spend less than $1000 on our sink and there are some great deals out there on some quartz sinks. Actually, so good it has me wondering if they are not as good as they sound...

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I had the same questions when we were going through the phase where my husband insisted on a farmhouse sink (he then moved on to stainless). We ended up deciding that the Kohler cast iron would be the way to go for us - I just couldn't imagine all the men in my house being careful enough for fireclay and the Kohler had a lifetime warranty. I didn't like the lip on the only quartz farmhouse I found.

But... I also found a $550 fireclay sink from Marvel with a great offset drain. It comes with a lifetime warranty too. So I felt like that was a good option. I could afford to replace it in 10 years if I had to at half the price of the Kohler.

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I have the Mitrani Titan Quartz sink, and it has been installed for almost a year and a half, and so far, so good. It has faint scratches on the bottom, but I can't really see them unless I am looking for them, and it is a breeze to keep clean. It does have that smooth feel kind of like Corian, so keep that in mind.

If there are any stains, I usually make a light paste with Comet, and they come off easily. I use Comet on the sink about once a week, and I use this gel gloss spray on it periodically.

Here's a pic of mine installed. (Before we put the doors on)

Mine does have a garbage disposer attached to it, but the disposer is supported by a block of wood underneath, as I am paranoid about vibrations of it causing stress cracks.

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Shelayne -

What color is your Mitrani sink? I am looking at a few that are priced under $500 in the metallic white color. Your sink is gorgeous!

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Thank you, ktclcik, my sink is white. It is just a basic white. I am going to have to check out the metallic white--that was not an option when I ordered mine, but I am definitely intrigued!

My sink is also reversible. I thought the fluting would be better at hiding any scratches the sink might get--thinking big honking belt buckles, etc. The other side is smooth, with sort of a rim/lip/edge thing on the top. (Why can't I think of the right word? LOL)

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