Where to buy Plugmolds or Tech angled lighting??

berardmrSeptember 7, 2012

Well, my electrician already wired for plugmolds so I'm happy and moving forward with that plan in spite of my concerns, as it's water under the bridge now.

I need to buy them asap for install next week. They will be installed under 2 33" cabinets and a 27" cabinet (I don't have a lot of uppers).

My electrician told me to make sure I get the 'end cap' for each piece. I'm not even sure what that means but I didn't ask too many questions, as I knew they could be answered when I call to order my plugmolds. So where can I purchase these lights?

Also, I've read a lot about tech lighting angled plugmolds. Are they better? What is the best place to order them from?

As always, thanks GW-ers! I promise to post lots of photos when my project is finished in about 2 weeks.

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Our electrician originally put in plug mold when we wanted Task lighting. We had him replace it and it looks a million times better.

I made a blog post a while back with lots of photos. Hope this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: Plug Mold v. Task Lighting

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We went round and round with our GC re: Plugmold, which we found at Home Depot. Seems a lot of folks do not want to install it for you....for no good reason. We ended up with regular outlets recessed in the false bottom of the cabinets (GC's solution), altho still would have preferred the plugmold. Only true angled option is from Task Lighting.

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We are planning to buy our plugmold at HD. Our store only has the ivory color though. They do not come with the end fittings. We also have to cut it down because it comes in 3' and 4' lengths. I did find an online source for the end fittings.

Here is a link that might be useful: Blank End Fittings

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Thanks so much for the replies. How do I know if my area requires Tamper Resistant from Tech Lighting? The regular ones are smaller, which I like, if it meets code. I live near Annapolis, Md.

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We have plug mold - mounted at a 45 degree angle.
Now you see it -

Now you don't

Our electrician did the details and I just paid for it....
Loving it - especially the 45 trick - not monstrous like some but just enough to make it easier to plug into the wall.

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