crosspost: Help with finding venting to fit 42" copper hood shell

huangoSeptember 26, 2012

Crosspost w/ Appliance forum:

Help with finding venting to fit my 42" copper hood shell

Final attempt to salvage my 42" antique copper hood, before I give up and buy a stainless steel chimney wall hood or something: (see pix below)

- I have this 42" wide antique copper hood shell

- I am having trouble finding an insert that fits w/in this shell: mainly because the "lip" or "brim" of the hood is only 3", and most inserts need 4"+ (something about the ability to hang the baffle filters)

- New idea of using external blower, so that I am not limited to a smaller/weaker cfm internal blower.

- But does my setup allow for external blower? Hood needs to go up ~12" and 90degree turn left ~45" to go outside

- How exactly does external blower system work? Is there a complete diagram?


- Waiting for Mark from Tradewind to get back to me w/ ideas of what his engineers can customize

- Broan/Nutone technician said they don�t have anything that fits my hood

- Do I talk to a local HVAC person? What do I ask for?

- One possibility is to reuse the old Tradewind insert that I have (w/ the mesh filters) attach it to an external blower????

I am not 100% attached to this copper hood, but I do like it. I like the shape and the fact that it is an antique and not some generic hood from the manufacturing line.

But I could live w/out all the hassle/run-around.

Really appreciate any ideas/help.

As my friend Kristin (thrilledtoremodel) said, do not give up until you run it by the gardenweb. They are creative; they will come up with something!

Thank you!



- 900+ CFM (I fry, garlic/oil, fish, etc A LOT � need to remove the grease and smell). Yes, I could live w/ 600cfm (better than the 0cfm that I had).

- Baffle filters (instead of mesh)


- Ceiling height = 91"

- Option A. If I stay UNDER the ceiling, I have only 13.5" from hood top to ceiling bottom for transition piece + elbow ducting

- Option B. If I go THROUGH the ceiling joist space, I gain another 7", but then I�m limited to 7-8" ducting (to go out the house)

- Budget: cannot spend over $2000

91 height

36 base cab to countertop

29 countertop to hood bottom

12.5 height of hood

Leaves 13.5" from hood top to ceiling bottom for transition piece + elbow ducting

Old tradewind insert w/ mesh filters:

My layout: hood is label "Pots/Pans"

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