Kitchen Reveal - Brown Painted Kitchen

jennsbabyskySeptember 28, 2012

Long time lurker, feeling guilty for enjoying everyone's advice and beautiful kitchens and not posting my own, so I'm changing my pattern! Unfortunately, I started really visiting this site when my own kitchen remodel was over, I'd love to make some modification!

We've lived in our house for 9+ years and have been gradually tweaking the kitchen, so the kitchen has been evolving over the years.

When I designed the kitchen, I planned for a white/cream paint. My husband really wanted color and preferred a dark brown. I googled images of brown painted kitchens and found few results, but one in particular I fell in love with, hence our kitchen was painted dark brown. Most of our wood is walnut, but to keep costs down, we kept the original frames and granite. Our original kitchen was too small, had no pantry, and only one oven. We remodeled to fix these issues. I "borrowed" our current kitchen photos from our previous real estate listing. We listed our house on the market early this year and then decided we'd rather stay. I've been planning to take new pictures, but after 9 months and no pictures, I'm thinking that is one item on my to-do list that might never get done!

You can see our new pantry on the right of the photo, we used frosted glass panels. Hind sight being 20/20, I would have the roll out shelves recessed a few inches back from the door so that the frame wouldn't be so visible. The pantry area was previously our eat in kitchen.

We added this "entertaining" area below to our former dining area and knocked down the wall between kitchen and dining space. This allowed us to add the second oven and much needed storage. I considered making this a beverage center (it makes more sense with the space, but we have a refrigerator in the garage and a small one outside).

New dining area (formerly the never used living room). It was unplanned, but we were able to reuse our existing built-in banquette. Our cabinet guy just made a large second extension so that it would fit the space. Lots of storage for infrequently used items. And easy to cram people in for holidays.

Another view into the kitchen/dining space:

View from family room to kitchen:

And for those interested, I'm posting pictures of my kitchen evolution below.

Picture of kitchen when we were doing our inspection to buy the house, I don't have a good picture of the overall kitchen, we were focusing on changing the light fictures/flooring/removing popcorn ceiling:

And original dining space:

After 1st two rounds of modifications. First we painted cabinets white, added granite, replaced appliances, lights, and floor.

View from family room. Notice the wall on the right. We cut a huge window in that soon.

After the wall is opened.

Original dining room. The wall with the oval picture is removed. I reused this banquette.


Venetian Gold Granite

Appliances: KitchenAid

Custom cabinets/refacing

9 years in transition (and probably still not done)

I originally did the full spash of granite because my kitchen was tiny. I kept the full splash because we didn't want to redo the existing backspash.

Thanks for letting me live vicariously through your remodels!


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Brown, the new grey! I really like how rich the pantry cabinets with the frosted glass, look... and especially like that fun clock you have hanging. Congrats on making it under the 10 year mark!

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Really wonderful! Love the pantry, very 'chic'. The brown you chose is beautiful! Enjoy!

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I love the granite counters and I love the kitchen with either the brown cabinets or the white ones. I love the changes in the lighting and the floor plan. I love the tiled floors. Your kitchen is now gorgeous! Thank you for sharing.

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I love the changes you made, looks very warm and inviting. Hard to believe that is the same house! Great job!

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What a great evolution! I liked your first changes, but I really like the finished kitchen. Did you close up the window that was next to the refrigerator, or did you leave it there inside the pantry closets? BTW, I love those pantry closets. What I wouldn't give for a big pantry.

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We closed up the window. I hated losing the light, but it was rather close to the block wall, so we didn't lose any view.

Previous to the pantry we used a somewhat broken lazy susan and our microwave for the pantry. Anything left on the counter overnight was a snack for our dogs! So happy with our pantry!

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We replaced both our lazy susans. On one side we did a stack of drawers. The paint color is the same on both sides, there must a shadow on the photo causing the different paint color impression.

The other side we turned into a recycling center. With the dead space between the pullouts, we store extra bags, stepstool, and the sharps container (our older dog now has diabetes).


One side of the pantry has pull out shelves:

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Gorgeous! I love the frosted glass. Enjoy!!

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I love your new space! Love your choice of colors and decorations. Your home is very warm and welcoming. Hope you enjoy many wonderful years there.

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What a fun posting! Thank you for showing the evolution of your changes. I felt like part of your life watching it morph. It is lovely now, and it was lovely white, thank you for sharing.

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I really like the brown, and I'm envious for the pantry space. Great job.

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Really like what you did! Love the beverage space and oh my that pantry is the bomb ! The color you chose is really really nice. Makes me want to venture in that direction...
thanks for posting. many happy memories in your new space !

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So nice! I really like the brown, so rich and warm, and your pantry with the frosted glass is the perfect decision. Those corner drawers look super cool too!

Great job. Hope you have many years of enjoyment from your beautiful new space.

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What a beautiful job you did - your kitchen looks amazing! Since you don't like the pantry roll out shelves so visible, I'm wondering if painting the fronts of the shelves a darker color would help? You could try taping construction paper on them and see if it would work.

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