Two questions about refrigerator placement and size

rebecca3142September 28, 2013

1. I was reading the post before about creating a built-in looking fridge, without the built-in. Someone mentioned that putting a fridge surrounded by a wall would look bad. Now I am worried about my desgin (see pic). Will this look bad? Is there anything we can do to help? We aren't trying to pretend it is built-in, it was just the best spot to put it.

2. Our plan is to keep the JennAir 2006 CD fridge for now and then upgrade as needed. The dimensions are 26" deep (not including 2" handles), 70 inches tall, 36 inches wide. Is this a pretty standard size to make for an easy replacement when we are ready?

Thanks so much!

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Sophie Wheeler

Can't you get rid of that whole wall complex? Many fridges will have a hard time opening fully when in an alcove like that. The doors will have to 100% stick out from the alcove to work unless you get one of the more expensive built in fridges.

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I can't get rid of that wall easily. :( The powder room is right behind the fridge, and the vanity is essentially right next to the fridge (behind the wall).

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We had a similar situation for years. As long as the doors themselves are proud of the niche, you should be OK with door swing. The 36" width is pretty standard to allow for later change outs, although the 70" height will limit your choices down the road. But, since it's a lone cabinet above, it could easily be modified or changed out if need be for a taller unit.

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Thanks for the info about the height. Is there a more standard height? If so, what if we planned for that, and add a filler between the gap at the top of our current fridge? Would that look ok?

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I believe you can search on AJ Madison by size, so enter 70" to see what comes up, and then 72", etc.

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36" non-built in refrigerators have gotten bigger since 2006, even counter depth. Just went through freestanding CD fridge selection. Check the usual suspects manufacturers for top and side ventilation (typically 1/2" on sides, 1" above). But your 26" depth will narrow your choices some (excluding handles).

Bottom line, the more you can plan now for taller (like 72" fridge) and wider (like maybe 37") the better since your depth is fixed.

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This has been very helpful! I will definitely plan for a wider opening to accomodate a new fridge purchase.

I am contemplating if I should even put a cabinet above the fridge with this situation. Maybe just do open shelves? It would be a little less funcational (in terms of storing bulky, less used items). And I think a cabinet would look slightly nicer. But a shelf would be less expensive and maybe more flexible for changing the fridge. Not sure.

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You could use 3 or 4 inches of filler b/w the top of the refrigerator and the bottom of the cabinet above. That way, if you need to take the filler out for a taller refrigerator down the road, the cabinet will still be fine. (This is what we did.)

The other option is to leave a 4- to 6-inch opening b/w the top of the refrigerator and the bottom of the cab above and store baskets or other large but nice/neat items in that "niche".

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Perfect! Thank you.

Now I guess I just need to stop stressing about how a fridge looks bad "recessed" in a wall. Maybe some nice artwork will distract me. :)

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