BM Trim Paint to go with Nimbus Walls

berardmrSeptember 8, 2012

Hi All,

I am stuck in the house all weekend, as I'm on-call, so I am sending DH to BM to pickup the beautiful Nimbus in Matte for my kitchen.

I am not overly particular about the exact shade of white trim but I do want something clean and white, not ivory in the least. It needs to go well with "gray-ish" walls.

Can you please give me some recommendations so I can send DH on his way with colors in hand?


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we used Cloud White with the Nimbus. Not White Cloud. Totally different. Just think "alphabetical"...

If this is your first time with the Aura paint, remember to read up on some tips on using it. It dries so fast that it is almost impossible to keep a wet edge. Things like, "don't go back if you see a spot you missed" are very important. It touches up very nicely, you can touch it up later. And it's just about impossible to cut in and roll at the same time. Cut it all in, let it dry completely, then paint the walls. I think one tip I heard that really helped was to not let the roller get too empty. Keep moving, don't break for anything!

You are going to love it!!!


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Thanks, Bee! I'm going with the Regal Select. My husband is not the fastest painter and the Aura dries so quickly; he really doesn't like it. Will get the Cloud White (good way to remember it).

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I remember that thread!
Good paint suggestions when I am ready to paint

Berar- bee always has great ideas! But a good idea to paint a sample I am great in creating checker boards with paint!!

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We used BM Simply White for all the trim and doors in the house as well as the kitchen cabs. I think the Nimbus in the FR looks great with it. You can see Nimbus around the door in the background here.

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I love the Nimbus and the Cloud White trim. Breezy and Bee, I originally thought the Nimbus would be too light to carry into the family room (open to the kitchen) because it has a stone fireplace -- thinking the color would be too soft with the stone. But I LOVE nimbus.

I was going to use BM Thunder in the family room but now I'm very tempted to just carry in the nimbus instead.

Would appreciate any and all opinions!!

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I used both colors and love them both. What color is your stone? You could use both. They compliment each other well.

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The stone is various shades of rustic gray. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Nimbus with the Cloud White trim. I float away when I walk into the room. Breezy, do you love the Thunder as much?

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