L shaped quartz countertop with no seam

donaleenSeptember 12, 2012

I am considering a Zodiaq countertop for my sink counter (now that I have given up on glass). The counter has an L shape. I don't want a seam. Anyone have an L-shaped Quartz countertop without a seam?

I talked to a fabricator who is a bit squeamish about no seam. Looking on the web, I found some fabricators were okay with this. The link is for someone who has a more complex run than I want with no seam.

Here is a link that might be useful: L shaped countertop with no seam.

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I have an L-shaped Caesarstone countertop with no seam in the corner. The short side of the L is 36", and the long side is 153". The seams are both on the long side.

The guy who did the template strategically located the seams at the middle of the cutouts for the sink and the cooktop, so most of the seams would be cut out.

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Thanks, iroll. I appreciate the information.

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The L-shaped raised bar on my island (116" long) is a single piece of quartz. But that piece is only 18" wide. The quartz running along my wall cabinets has 2 seams. I asked the installers why at least a portion of my wall run couldn't be 1 piece, and they said that they needed to factor in too many other elements with the walls, etc.

I didn't mind as you can't even see one of the seams, and the other is barely noticeable. But I was pleased that the raised bar was 1 piece.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks Anna. Every bit of information helps. I see there is another old thread that has been revitalized today on this topic. Interesting that I didn't find it when I searched (and, yes, I used google search).

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We have a 50 x 96" L-shaped piece of granite with no seam:

I don't think granite vs. quartz actually makes a difference on this, does it?

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If the ell fits the slab size then the only issue is how many people the fabricattor uses for install. With better (more expensive) fabricators they willingly supply enough hands to carry the load. One I've used often typic"ly sends 6 men on installs.

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Hmm... they got back to me with a quote. It is more expensive than I expected by more than 50% (I tried the Dupont Zodiaq estimator. Anyone have any experience or faith in that estimator?

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I think I have what you're describing: I have Cambria on my island which is 103" long, 50" wide at it's widest with a 27" "panhandle." My sink run it also L-shaped and is 117" with ~40" L next to my stove. I see on the dupont website that slabs are 55x120." The only reason I see to be "squeamish" is the additional cost of using more than one slab if needed (ie: if your whole kitchen could be done with 1 slab with seams, vs. 2 slabs without).

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I have a 52" X 63" Cambria L with no seams.

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The fabricator said they would not risk it with granite but will do it for Zodiaq. Not sure why the quote is so high. We used them for our island granite and they were about the same price as many other quotes.

Here is the L shaped sink counter I am talking about. I want a Kohler Whitehaven sink. I don't mind if there is a seam on both ends of what the fabricator called the sink bar (goes behind the sink and the faucets go through it). I don't want a seam on the L. It makes no sense visually to me.

I am favoring Zodiaq Wintergreen, though I have some samples on order for other things. My Wintergreen sample is nicer than this photo (the green is better).

Here is a link that might be useful: Wintergreen

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This is photo is more like my sample

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When you lay out something like that on a slab, it doesn't leave a lot left over to be used elsewhere. With fabricators that make you buy the whole slab, that's not as much of an issue, as they just make you buy another slab. With those fabricators who sell to you by the square foot, they usally square up that whole cutout hunk and charge you for the whole thing as one big square.

For instance, if you've got an L shaped counter that's 48" in one direction and 89" in another, you end up paying for (48x98"/144)=33 square feet. If you did a seam, you'd end up with (48"x25.5")+ [(89-25.5)x 25.5)]/144=20 square feet. 13 square feet at an average price of $65 is $845 difference to do without a seam. That's a lot of dollars that can be put into something else! Especially with quartz, which doesn't have very conspicuous seams anyway. You REALLY should go and take a look at some quartz seams in person. I think you'd be much happier pocketing the savings and having the seam. It's REALLY NOT a big deal to have a good quality seam.

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Thanks for the advice. The slabs are 63 by 120. I thought they could cut the L (left side of sink) and have enough left over to get the 3 foot piece (to the right of the sink) from the leftover space.

I will look at the seams, as you suggest.

I am liking this Wintergreen quite a bit with my kitchen. It plays a nice supporting role with my granite island.

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