anything else we should do to banquette seat?

robinleSeptember 25, 2013

In the corner we are planning on putting a banquette seating. We will be buying the cabinets to make the seat for the banquette seating area. We will use Ikea white wall cabinets, the cabinets that go above a frig. There will be a back to the seat. The wall with the cabinets on it is 78" long and the wall without any cabinets on it is 96" long. The refrigerator in the picture does not go there. All the cabinets in the island will be white in the picture it shows one that is not. I would have liked for the banquette to have been the same color as the perimeter cabinets but we are unable to do that. We do have material from either the perimeter counters (quartz) or the island (qranite)to use. My question is do you have any ideas to improve our plan? Should we put a small cabinet or something at the end of the banquette? Any ideas would be helpful.

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Here is another picture to show you the area. Thank you for all your help and ideas.

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My best advise is to make them lower than standard so you can use a 5" cushion instead of the standard 1" - 2". The 5" is so cozy we find ourselves napping on them occasionally! We got this advice from this site, so do a search.

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You are smart to think carefully about designing this before you build.

IKEAFANS has some hacks for building bench seats with above refrigerator cabinets. Like Clarion said, the idea finished height should be similar to a dining chair (17-19 inches). Factor in a comfy 4-5" cushion. You can order these already dacron wrapped online from etc. Make sure that the seat base has an overhang of 5 inches so that people can sit naturally tucking their feet under. Also factor in a cushioned back that is 4inches or so but is angled back 3inches. When you do the math, the seat will seem kind of deep and low but trust me, it works well once the cushions are added. This will be a favorite place to hang out for hours playing games, doing homework, gossiping and ofcourse for eating.

In your space a landing zone on the left may be useful. Also consider morgue drawers for some additional storage. Great place for seasonal items and appliances used once in a while

wi_sailor girl L shaped banquette

Here is a link that might be useful: KitchenKelly's Morgue drawers

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