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SarinaSeptember 8, 2013

Okay we all know my floor is not going to be able to change. It is down it is done. I do have plenty of light in my kitchen that is from other sources and can add more if have to. I just do not have a ton of natural light as mentioned. Giving the fact I just do adore the Blue Pearl granite can I do that with my tan floor as I said it does have creamy tones in it with a some grey streaks that are more noticeable in the floor as a whole laid down. We would have warm cabs blue pearl warm floor warm splash. What is the verdict on this?

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I think what would help is if you put your tile and cabinet door next to the Blue Pearl slab at the granite yard and then post. Also include a photo of the cabs and floor installed, cleaned up. No one is getting the full picture here with the numerous threads, and you'll want new people to weigh in too.

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It's impossible to give any solid input without photos of all the options.

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Okay I will do that Mayflowers. I have a piece from my old blue pearl or would whole slab be better,?

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blue pearl, brown cabinets, tan floor. Click on the image to get a large full screen view.

Here is a link that might be useful: kitchen

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Sorry, but I just don't see black or gray granite looking good with your dark brown cabs and tan floor. I think it will look very disjointed. I think you need to find a granite that has the colors of your cabs AND floors for a unified look. Then the BS should coordinate with the counter.

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