red and cream cabinets, anyone?

caseyroseSeptember 30, 2012

I've decided I can't live without red cabinets. The uppers will have glass, lowers mostly drawers. A large island. Thinking about mixing with cream. I love beadboard.

There are very few pictures of red cabinets on the web, and most are glossy/modern. I'm thinking rustic barn red. Would love to see pictures or hear your suggestions.

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Texaspenny has a thread on red and cream recently, I think she eventually decided against them for various reasons, but here is the link

Here is a link that might be useful: red and cream

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Thanks localeater--there's a lot of good info on the thread. I love the 2 pictures Texaspenny posted, and also the one Deedles posted. If I get talked out of red I will use natural cherry.

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Wonderful idea! My dear departed (and boldly stylish) Mother's mantra was always "Red goes with everything!". As kids, my 2 sisters & I would roll our eyes, but now we all laugh at how mostly-true we find her color advice to be. We're planning stained, not painted, cabs; but if we were going with paint, red would definitely be a major contender - continuity with our red upper walled/creamy white wainscotted dining room, which DM loved!

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Here are 2 photos I found with a quick google search, and below is a link to and a "red and cream kitchen" search. Love the combination!

Don't know the source here:

Photo By: Michael McKelvey
Designed By: Kathleen O'Neil

Here is a link that might be useful: Red and Cream Kitchens on

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[singing that Charlie Sheen theme song:]

Red, red red RED RED Red red RED!!

Love barn red.
Love red. Love barns. Love red barns. Love cabinets made of red barns. Love red cabinets. Love red.

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