Modern version of this range/ovens?

lavender_lassSeptember 25, 2012

I would love to find something like this for my kitchen...but my husband would much rather have something newer. Not to mention that these are difficult to find and repair, at least in our area.

From [Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures](

So, I've been thinking about using a more modern range and wall oven combination, to get the same general effect. What's unusual is how close together they would be. I have an 8' space, but I want some 'arm room' on the right side of the how close should the range and oven be? Should they have a different countertop surface, to tie them together? Any ideas? I'd love to have them as one big unit, but I can't find anything like that, in a more modern version. If you've seen something, please share :)

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Lambsear- Thanks for the links :)

I'm trying to find a similar idea, but using more modern looking appliances. Something like this, but with the range (a bit smaller) moved closer to the wall ovens. Maybe have the countertop and cabinets a different color to tie this together as 'one unit' rather than matching the rest of the kitchen. I'd like the hood to match this, too...maybe all white or another color, to contrast with the rest of the kitchen?

From Kitchen plans

Here's a quick sketch of my idea, with the island across for additional prep space.

From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

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I once had a 30" range (oven underneath) and a wall oven raised so the floor of the oven was about 2-3" below counter-top height on the left of the cooking surface. The side of the full-height wall oven cab was basically a wall on one side of the range. There was about 6" between the edge of the cooking surface and the wall oven's cab and I felt it was too crowded for comfort. It wasn't enough for pothandles and the space seemed wasted and cut up. I kept a crock of utensils in the back corner. I had cupboards above a useless recirculating hood. It felt and looked very crowded, and since the room itself was large enough to have things more spread out, it was an annoying defect to my mind.

It's possible that if you had the wall oven below the surface level of the counter that it would feel and function quite differently. Or even partly below the counter as is sometimes seem with raised DW, it would look better. it was the side of the wall-oven cab that made things crowded, IMO.

The old fashioned stoves that you are using as examples are smaller-scale than modern appliances, both in height and in massing since they are not built into boxy modern cabs.

Since you like to bake, why not have one oven separated from a single-oven range to form the nucleus of a baking center? That way you'd keep your roasting and broiling under the exhaust hood, while giving you flexibility for your baking oven?



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Wow. Hold out for the real thing. Is that ever a beauty!

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L- Thanks for the input! I've been wondering if it will be too cramped (even on the vintage models) with the range so close to the ovens. Maybe a little space in between would be a good you think 6" to 12"?

I thought about moving the oven to the fridge wall, but I like the prep sink there...and having an opening/half wall into the dining room.

Deedles- That is a nice vintage range :)

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My Paint skills are really limited (sorry!) but this is a rough idea...

From [Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures](

The wall oven/microwave very close to the range, with hood. The arch above the microwave is a niche, with a plant. Trying to pick up on the softer curves of the vintage range :)

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For a mere $11,000 you could get this one. Isn't it beautiful?

Here is a link that might be useful: Stove

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I have a 30" cooktop and only about 12" away, double wall ovens. I would like even more space between the wall ovens and cooktop, and certainly no less, and this is a big reason for our toss-up between moving the wall ovens to another wall, or going for a double oven range. I wouldn't recommend a closer placement unless you had the original cool old thing you posted a picture of; it would work for the awesome factor, but certainly not for convenience IMO.

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I seriously think that you are going to run into landing zone issues. There is not enough space in that hearth idea to make it comfortable to cook. At the minimum, you need space to line up your prepped items, space for the spoon or spatula and the spoon rest and space to take pots and pans off the heat and set down.

Do you usualy bake when you are also cooking? I for one really dislike standing in front of a warm oven that is baking something while I am stirring a pot. I much prefer to keep the baking area separate..

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Senator- Wow!

I think you all make a really good point...there probably won't be enough space between the wall oven and range. So maybe it would be better to put the baking area on the other wall.

Maybe something like this? Okay, maybe this should be in the pink kitchen thread, but it is a similar layout. Add the island and wall oven/baking area on the other wall...and it's almost the same. And I like the vintage appliances, but probably better (for us) in the white.

From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

Adjusted plan, with wall oven/fridge switched. Which way should the fridge open? Towards range or wall oven?

From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

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