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warminsSeptember 24, 2012

We could use some wise advice - had planned to order two pendants and one flush mount from Rejuvenation, with school house shades. We actually went to a storefront hoping to see how bright these pendants might be with an LED bulb(300 watt or brighter equivalent.) But alas, they only showed them in 25 watt equivalents, so that was a bust. We plan to have them on a dimmer and have the pendants hang about 34" from ceiling to bottom of shade.

Please advise if you think we can find bright enough gu-24 compatible bulbs to give us plenty of light over our table and sink or whether we need to rethink - all hardwired lighting has to be GU-24 for our permit. So far my googling has been unsuccessful as far as finding a GU24 bulb that is brighter than the equivalent of 75-100 watts.

Thanks in advance.

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Have you used 300W incandecents in you kitchens in the past? 300 W is really bright, and in my experience usually restricted to spotlights and other specialty applications, not general purpose lighting. The reason 60-100 W equivalent lamps are easy to find in GU-24 base is because they are the most common for general purpose lighting.

Unless you have special lighting needs (legally blind? macular degeneration), I cannot imaging that having multiple 300W-equivalent light sources in your kitchen would be comfortable for you. It's a whole lotta light.

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Thanks for your prompt reply. The reason I mentioned 300 watt is that I was able to find some 300 watt floodlight bulbs. I thought that by the time they were ensconced in a school house shade AND on a dimmer, we would be ok. I haven't seen any LED GU-24 bulbs between a 90 watt equivalent and 300 watt. I am worried that the 90 watt equivalent will not be bright enough though all that beautiful glass for us to read the paper at the table.

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Is the fixture rated for a 300 watt bulb? That sucker's going to get hot.

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You're talking about a light that puts out anywhere from 2500-3500 lumens. I have an LED flashlight that does 2000 lumens. My neighbor can use it to read his mail from across the street at midnight. It's brighter than the highbeams on my car.

If I sat under that to read, I'd go blind.

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